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02 November 2015

INTERPOL seminar creates network against pharmaceutical crime in Comoros

MORONI, Comoros – An INTERPOL seminar on pharmaceutical crime brought together 24 senior police, justice, customs and health leaders from the Comoros to create a strong national network against the challenges posed by fake medicines.

The two-day (26 and 27 October) multi-agency seminar was organized by INTERPOL’s Global Health and Safety unit, with support from the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Moroni and the INTERPOL Global Outreach and Regional Support unit.

During the event, participants exchanged experiences in dealing with the various aspects of pharmaceutical crime, particularly the presence of counterfeit and illicit medicines, which Dr Kamal Adboulwahab, Director General of theCentrale d’achat de médicaments de l’Union des Comores, highlighted as a growing problem in the country.

By creating a network of experts within the participating agencies, the seminar also aimed to enhance the ability of authorities in the Comoros to prevent, investigate and prosecute pharmaceutical crime.

The participants agreed to set up an inter-agency committee to boost cooperation amongst all stakeholders and conduct a public awareness campaign on the dangers of fake medicines.

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