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14 October 2015

Russia celebrates 25 years of INTERPOL membership

MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian Federation marked its 25th anniversary of INTERPOL membership on 27 September 2015 with a commemorative ceremony at the Ministry of Interior bringing together senior Ministry officials, INTERPOL officers from 25 years ago and current staff from INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau (NCB) in Russia.

"We are proud to mark 25 years of our membership of INTERPOL, and of the contribution made by Russia to international police cooperation during these years," said the Head of INTERPOL Moscow, Alexander Prokopchuk, who is also INTERPOL’s Executive Committee delegate for Europe.

“Since joining INTERPOL on 27 September 1990, Russia has enjoyed 25 years of solid dedication to international law enforcement and global security,” he added.

Russia has always been an active user of INTERPOL’s databases and policing tools, regularly sharing crime intelligence with other NCBs around the world to propel investigations. As a result, hundreds of fugitives have been located, arrested and extradited through INTERPOL channels since 1990.

With technical innovation a constant priority for Russia, in 2003 INTERPOL Moscow became one of the first NCBs to connect to INTERPOL’s secure global police communications system, I-24/7. Since then, INTERPOL Moscow has provided police officers across the Russian territory, from Europe to the Pacific, instant and automated access to INTERPOL’s global databases, enabling them to obtain critical data on wanted persons, stolen vehicles and stolen and lost travel documents in just seconds.

The Russian Federation is also an active participant in many INTERPOL-coordinated operations targeting a wide range of criminal threats, including Millennium, Pangea, Nexus and more. Currently, NCB Moscow pays significant attention to the fight against international terrorism and is an active contributor to INTERPOL’s foreign fighters database.

“Russia is all too familiar with the problems associated with regional and global organized crime and we consider INTERPOL a key partner for successfully fighting it at the international level,” said Mr Prokopchuk during the ceremony. "We will continue to play our role in working with law enforcement worldwide to protect citizens at home and abroad and to help make the world a safer place.”

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