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National Police of the Slovak Republic


INTERPOL-Bratislava staff at work

The Slovak Police Force is a part of the Ministry of Interior. It is made up of the Police Main Headquarters (Police Presidium), eight regional police headquarters, 53 district police headquarters and several educational and specialized police institutions.  Headquartered in the capital Bratislava, the Force is headed by the Police President, who answers to the Minister of the Interior.


  • Protect  life and security of people and property;
  • Ensure public order and safety;
  • Prevent, detect and investigate crime;
  • Protect state borders;
  • Traffic control and safety.

INTERPOL Bratislava

The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for the Slovak Republic is a part of the Police Presidium’s Bureau of International Police Co-operation, which comprises INTERPOL, Europol, Sirene, Schengen and other units.

It is made up of 23 plain-clothed police officers who are all graduates of either the Bratislava Police Academy or national civilian universities and speak at least one INTERPOL language. 

INTERPOL Bratislava is operational 24 hours a day all year long, and its staff have to be able to handle all enquiries received either from domestic or international police agencies, no matter the type of crime. 

Main NCB tasks:

  • Checks on people, identity documents, stolen motor vehicles, works of art and weapons;
  • Extraditions;
  • Identification of dead bodies;
  • Fingerprints and DNA checks;
  • Exchange of criminal information;
  • Police training for regional and district police.
INTERPOL Bratislava in action
02 May 2018

Fingerprint check via INTERPOL identifies suspect in 1996 murder

LYON, France – A man wanted in connection with a kidnapping and murder in Hungary more than 20 years ago has been arrested in Slovakia after a fingerprint match via INTERPOL.Checks by Slovakian immigration revealed the man, who was using a false identity, was a 54-year-old Ukrainian national wanted internationally via an INTERPOL Red Notice.The INTERPOL N...
09 February 2018

INTERPOL facial recognition nets most wanted murder fugitive

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Police in Buenos Aires have arrested an internationally wanted murder suspect after his image was identified as a likely match by INTERPOL’s facial recognition unit.Kristian Danev, a Slovak national aged 33, is wanted internationally by Czech authorities under an INTERPOL Red Notice following a murder ten years ago.As part of an...
09 June 2016

Online sale of fake medicines and products targeted in INTERPOL operation

LYON, France - Fake cancer medication, substandard HIV and diabetes testing kits, counterfeit dental equipment and illicit surgical equipment – just a snapshot of the potentially life-threatening drugs and goods seized during INTERPOL’s Operation Pangea IX.Targeting the illicit online sale of medicines and medical devices and involving some 193 police, cu...
12 February 2016

Long-term INTERPOL investigation lands one of Slovakia’s most wanted behind bars

A Slovak man accused of defrauding thousands of investors through pyramid investment schemes has been extradited to Slovakia following long-term intelligence work between the INTERPOL National Central Bureaus (NCBs) in Bratislava and Belgrade and with the support of INTERPOL’s Fugitive Investigative Support (FIS) Unit. František Matik was extradited to Sl...
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Age today: 38 years old
Nationality: Slovakia


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Nationality: Slovakia


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Nationality: Slovakia , Egypt


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