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Law enforcement services in the Russian Federation are provided by several different departments of the Ministry of the Interior:

  • Criminal Investigation;
  • Economic Security and Corruption Counteraction;
  • Extremism Counteraction;
  • Transport;
  • Public Order and Coordination of Interaction with Executive Authorities of the regions of the Russian Federation;
  • Traffic Safety;
  • Private and Public Property Protection;
  • Witness Protection;
  • Safety of International Major Events;
  • Support for Specialized Aviation Units;
  • Inquiries;
  • Investigation;
  • Internal Troops;
  • Internal Affairs.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Russia serves as the central platform for operational information exchange between Russian law-enforcement entities and the INTERPOL law enforcement community.   

Main areas of activity

The NCB works to combat a number of priority crimes with an international dimension, including:

  • The search for, location and identification of fugitives and missing people;
  • Organized crime and terrorism;
  • Economic crime and counterfeit currency;
  • Trafficking in stolen vehicles;
  • Theft of cultural heritage and works of art;
  • Drug trafficking;
  • Illegal trade and smuggling of firearms, ammunition and explosives;
  • High-tech crime;
  • Crimes connected with document forgery.

There are 80 regional divisions of INTERPOL Moscow which operate throughout the Russian Federation. First created in 1997, their main tasks and functions are similar to those of INTERPOL Moscow but have a more regional focus, serving primarily as a liaison link for regional investigations, crime fighting and the search for fugitives. 

INTERPOL Moscow in action
26 June 2017

Security issues focus of INTERPOL Chief meeting with Russian Interior Minister

MOSCOW, Russia – Combating terrorism and transnational crime was the focus of a meeting between INTERPOL’s Secretary General and the Russian Minister of the Interior in Moscow.Secretary General Jürgen Stock and Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev discussed a range of security issues, including cybercrime, as well as the need for greater information sharing to e...
21 June 2017

INTERPOL gathers investigators to share intelligence on Transnational Eurasian Organized Crime

MOSCOW, Russia – Investigators from 21 countries met to share operational intelligence on Transnational Eurasian Organized Crime (TEOC) as part of INTERPOL’s Project Millennium.The two-day (20 and 21 June) meeting saw participants updated on the new Millennium analysis file which compiles selected and analyzed data on high-ranking members of these crime g...
02 March 2017

Anti-wildlife trafficking operation results in global arrests and seizures

LYON, France – A global operation tackling the illegal trade in wildlife and timber has resulted in the identification of nearly 900 suspects and 1,300 seizures of illicit products worth an estimated USD 5.1 million.The results, announced ahead of World Wildlife Day (3 March), mark INTERPOL’s ongoing commitment to supporting its 190 member countries in co...
28 July 2016

More than 2,700 human trafficking victims rescued in INTERPOL-coordinated operation

An operation targeting human trafficking in South and Central America has resulted in the rescue of more than 2,700 victims, 134 arrests and the dismantling of at least seven organized crime networks.Coordinated by INTERPOL’s Regional Bureau for South America, Operation Intercops - Spartacus III was conducted in two parts, initially concentrating on three...
09 June 2016

Online sale of fake medicines and products targeted in INTERPOL operation

LYON, France - Fake cancer medication, substandard HIV and diabetes testing kits, counterfeit dental equipment and illicit surgical equipment – just a snapshot of the potentially life-threatening drugs and goods seized during INTERPOL’s Operation Pangea IX.Targeting the illicit online sale of medicines and medical devices and involving some 193 police, cu...
20 April 2016

Bringing key INTERPOL players to the forefront of international policing

Nothing illustrates the quality of a service more powerfully than the testimony of its users. With INTERPOL’s 12th annual Heads of National Central Bure...
10 November 2015

INTERPOL cooperation leads to first Sierra Leone-Russia extradition

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone – A Russian company director wanted on charges of business fraud has been extradited to the Russian capital from Sierra Leone following intensive police co-operation between the INTERPOL National Central Bureaus (NCB) in Freetown and Moscow.Accused of defrauding a national bank using counterfeit documents, 58-year-old Russian citize...
14 October 2015

Russia celebrates 25 years of INTERPOL membership

MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian Federation marked its 25th anniversary of INTERPOL membership on 27 September 2015 with a commemorative ceremony at the Ministry of Interior bringing together senior Ministry officials, INTERPOL officers from 25 years ago and current staff from INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau (NCB) in Russia."We are proud to mark 25 ye...
28 September 2015

Fugitive extradited following strong cooperation between Russia and Austria INTERPOL Bureaus

LYON, France – A Russian INTERPOL Red Notice subject suspected of leading a violent organized crime gang in Siberia for nearly 20 years has been extradited from Austria to Russia as a result of investigative collaboration between the INTERPOL National Central Bureaus (NCBs) in Vienna and Moscow.Anatoly Radchenko is the suspected mastermind behind the noto...
13 April 2015

INTERPOL coordinates global operation to take down Simda botnet

SINGAPORE - The Simda botnet, believed to have infected more than 770,000 computers worldwide, has been targeted in a global operation coordinated from the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore.In a series of simultaneous actions around the world, on Thursday 9 April, 10 command and control servers were seized in the Netherlands, with...
17 September 2014

INTERPOL Chief underscores ongoing cooperation during Moscow visit

MOSCOW, Russia – INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble has met with Russia’s Minister of Interior and Head of Police, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, to reinforce INTERPOL’s longstanding cooperation with Russia in international security efforts.Minister Kolokoltsev said strengthening international law enforcement cooperation via INTERPOL is crucial for Russia...

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