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    19 September 1972
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Law enforcement services in Malta are provided by the Malta Police Force (MPF), responsible for security, crime prevention and crime investigation on the main island of Malta and its neighboring islands Gozo and Comino.  

Part of the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security and headed by the Commissioner of Police, the MPF has more than 2,000 serving members deployed mainly around Malta, Gozo or to specialized Police units at the Floriana Police headquarters where they provide security, crime prevention and investigation services.


  • Maintain law and order;
  • prevent, detect and investigate crime;
  • bring offenders to justice;
  • manage immigration and asylum-related issues;
  • ensure aviation security;
  • provide and administrate justice;
  • provide correctional services;
  • provide arbitration services.

 Police Force structure:

  • Administrative Law Enforcement Unit;
  • Criminal Investigation Department;
  • Drug Squad;
  • Protective Services;
  • Special Branch (which houses INTERPOL Floriana);
  • Vice Squad and Economic Crimes Unit. 


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Malta is part of the International Relations Unit in the MPF Special Branch.  It is the exclusive cooperation centre which links domestic law enforcement partners to the worldwide INTERPOL community.

Located at the PFA headquarters in Floriana, the NCB is headed by a Police Inspector in command of six police officers who serve as the contact point for all INTERPOL activities connected to Malta.

NCB duties include:

  • serve as permanent contact for all INTERPOL member countries, 24 hours a day;
  • share criminal data with local police entities and the INTERPOL community;
  • support and help coordinate the international fight against crime, serving as liaison point between domestic law enforcement agencies and INTERPOL member countries;
  • cooperate with INTERPOL member countries in investigations or data checks linked to Malta;
  • cooperate with INTERPOL member countries in investigating crime either committed in Malta or by Maltese criminals abroad;
  • assist in the location of fugitives and missing people in Malta and abroad.