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Established as a police force in June 1991, the Czech Republic police operate under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior which is responsible for public administration, internal security, crime investigation, border protection and eGovernment.

Current police staffing levels are estimated at 40,500 police officers, supported by approximately 8,900 civilian staff.

Headed by a Police President, the Czech National Police is organized around the country's 14 regions and 81 districts.  Its priorities include tackling high-impact economic crime (e.g. fraud, tax evasion, money laundering), corruption, illegal migration, terrorism, violent crime, drugs and psychotropic substances, juvenile delinquency, intellectual property crimes, thefts and murder.

The Police Academy of the Czech Republic is a state-supported university established in October 1992 in Prague to enable students to obtain the required level of education (i.e. Bachelor's, Master's or Doctor's degree in the field of criminal law, criminalistics and police management). Curricular activities are focused on the law and other related subjects, but forensic science, psychology, ethics and advanced methods to combat organized crime are also included.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for the Czech Republic is part of the Bureau of Criminal Police and Investigation Service within the Czech Republic Police and has a staff of more than 30 officers.  It operates as a central contact point for all law enforcement matters relating to international investigations which involve the Czech Republic. The NCB operational structure comprises an organized crime unit, a general crime unit and a liaison officers unit.

INTERPOL Prague in action
21 April 2017

Thousands of police officers across Europe join INTERPOL operation against illicit firearms

LYON, France – An operation led by INTERPOL against illicit firearms trafficking in Europe has seen 149 arrests and the seizure of firearms, ammunition and explosives.Operation Trigger II involved more than 7,840 police officers collaborating across 23 countries during a 48-hour period (6 – 8 April) to intercept illicit firearms, and identify potential li...
02 March 2017

Anti-wildlife trafficking operation results in global arrests and seizures

LYON, France – A global operation tackling the illegal trade in wildlife and timber has resulted in the identification of nearly 900 suspects and 1,300 seizures of illicit products worth an estimated USD 5.1 million.The results, announced ahead of World Wildlife Day (3 March), mark INTERPOL’s ongoing commitment to supporting its 190 member countries in co...
18 May 2016

Migration and border security top INTERPOL European meeting agenda

PRAGUE, Czech Republic – Addressing the border security challenges posed by an unprecedented number of migrants travelling to Europe is a key issue for senior law enforcement officials gathered at the 44th INTERPOL European Regional Conference.Following the publication of the joint Europol-INTERPOL Report on Migrant Smuggling Networks earlier this week, d...
13 May 2016

44th INTERPOL European Regional Conference : the Czech police perspective

International police cooperation has always been key to Czech national security. Since the birth of the Czech Republic in 1993, its national police force and INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) have played a central role in providing the law and order required for the young Czech economy, society, and tourism industry to blossom.Testimony to the import...
22 April 2016

Media invitation for 44th INTERPOL European Regional Conference in Czech Republic

LYON, France – Senior law enforcement officials from across Europe will gather in Prague, Czech Republic, from 18 – 20 May 2016 for the 44th INTERPOL European Regional Conference.In the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, the conference will focus on a range of transnational crime issues, including: terrorism border security cybercrime c...
23 September 2011

INTERPOL radiological and nuclear investigations training course in Poland seeks to boost common action plan

WARSAW, Poland – Representatives of 10 Eastern European countries gathered last week to learn how to conduct effective investigations into instances of suspected criminal acts involving radiological and nuclear (RN) weapons, materials and technology. Experienced investigators from law enforcement, customs and other security forces teamed up with their cou...
27 July 2011

Czech Police President underscores commitment to INTERPOL with secondment of officer

LYON, France – The Czech Republic’s commitment to supporting international law enforcement cooperation via INTERPOL was underlined during today’s visit by Police President Petr Lessy to the General Secretariat headquarters.Already among the top 10 users and/or contributors to INTERPOL’s global databases for Stolen and Lost Travel Documents, stolen motor v...
15 April 2011

INTERPOL hunt for international fugitives leads to numerous arrests across South America

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – An INTERPOL operation targeting 207 internationally-wanted fugitives wanted for serious crimes including murder, kidnapping, organized crime and child sexual abuse believed to be hiding in South America has led to arrests across the continent and new investigative leads established for almost a quarter.Investigative leads develop...
05 March 2010

INTERPOL co-ordinated operation targets illegal trade in wildlife medical products

LYON, France - An international operation co-ordinated by INTERPOL targeting the illegal trade in traditional medicines containing protected wildlife products has resulted in a series of arrests worldwide and the seizure of thousands of illegal medicines worth more than EUR 10 million.National wildlife enforcement authorities, police, customs and speciali...
19 November 2009

International operation combats online supply of counterfeit and illegal medicines

An international week of action targeting the online sale of counterfeit and illicit medicines has resulted in a series of arrests and the seizure of thousands of potentially harmful medical products.In response to an ever-increasing number of websites supplying dangerous and illegal medicines, Operation Pangea II involving 24 countries was co-ordinated b...
13 March 2009

Unprecedented Brazilian operation supported by INTERPOL breaks up wildlife smuggling network

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Brazil’s largest-ever nationwide operation against the illegal hunting and trade in wildlife, led by the Brazilian Federal Police in co-operation with INTERPOL’s Environmental Crime Programme, has to date resulted in 72 arrests and the seizure of thousands of illegally-held wildlife specimens.Spanning nine Brazilian states and inv...

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