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28 September 2015

Fugitive extradited following strong cooperation between Russia and Austria INTERPOL Bureaus

LYON, France – A Russian INTERPOL Red Notice subject suspected of leading a violent organized crime gang in Siberia for nearly 20 years has been extradited from Austria to Russia as a result of investigative collaboration between the INTERPOL National Central Bureaus (NCBs) in Vienna and Moscow.

Anatoly Radchenko is the suspected mastermind behind the notorious Siberian criminal network called ‘Leninskiye’ known for a series of violent contract killings in the Novosibirsk region between 1995 and 2004. 

“Radchenko’s extradition today is testament to how law enforcement agencies can use INTERPOL resources to share critical information and coordinate beyond national boundaries to trace fugitives,” said the Head of INTERPOL Moscow Alexander Prokopchuk, who is also INTERPOL’s Executive Committee delegate for Europe.

Suspecting that 40-year old Radchenko, nicknamed Celentano, had fled the country following a wave of arrests in Russia, in 2009 NCB Moscow requested the publication of an INTERPOL Red Notice. 

The Red Notice triggered investigations in several European countries and in 2014 enabled NCB Vienna to determine that the fugitive was working in the Austrian capital as a construction worker using a false identity and stolen Czech Republic identity documents.

Austrian Police organized a joint police operation in Vienna with the participation of senior INTERPOL Moscow investigators resulting in the suspect’s arrest in February 2014 by Austrian officers.

After extradition procedures between the two countries were completed, Austrian police formally handed Radchenko over to Russian authorities for extradition in August 2015. 

“This arrest and extradition send a strong message to criminals hiding in a foreign country that no matter where they hide, they are not safe. INTERPOL will always track them down,” said Prokopchuk.

Investigations revealed that Radchenko may be behind some of the murders himself, in addition to engaging in arms trafficking, extortion and fraud.  If convicted, Radchenko faces life imprisonment for murder and involvement in an organized group engaged in contract killings.

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