Road blocks are set up to identify stolen vehicles trafficked across borders Road blocks are set up to identify stolen vehicles trafficked across borders
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25 April 2017

Alcohol tops list of EUR 230 million fake food and drink seizures in global operation

Nearly 26 million litres of fake alcohol has been seized in a  joint INTERPOL-Europol operation targeting fake food and drink around the world.In the sixth Operation Opson, which involved police, customs, national food regulatory authorities and partners from the private sector in  61 countries, counterfeit alcohol was the most seized product, f...
18 April 2017

Global operation targets child sexual abuse material exchanged via messaging apps

LYON, France – An operation into the exchange of child sexual abuse material via mobile applications has led to 38 arrests in Latin America and Europe.Operation Tantalio, launched by the Spanish National Police and coordinated by INTERPOL and Europol, saw police across 15 countries in Central and South America and Europe target individuals using the messa...
18 May 2016

Migration and border security top INTERPOL European meeting agenda

PRAGUE, Czech Republic – Addressing the border security challenges posed by an unprecedented number of migrants travelling to Europe is a key issue for senior law enforcement officials gathered at the 44th INTERPOL European Regional Conference.Following the publication of the joint Europol-INTERPOL Report on Migrant Smuggling Networks earlier this week, d...
21 May 2015

INTERPOL Europe meeting develops regional collaboration against transnational crime

BUCHAREST, Romania – INTERPOL’s 43rd European Regional Conference has closed with senior law enforcement officials endorsing a set of measures to intensify regional cooperation and develop responses to transnational crime.Highlighting the important role of Europe in promoting global security, law enforcement issues including terrorism, foreign fighters, c...
19 May 2015

INTERPOL meeting in Bucharest aims to set the course for European security

BUCHAREST, Romania – Senior law enforcement officials from throughout Europe have gathered in Bucharest for the 43rd INTERPOL European Regional Conference to enhance regional responses to the most pressing threats to global security.With transnational organized crime networks increasingly taking advantage of porous physical borders and the lack of virtual...
25 March 2015

INTERPOL deploys team to support investigation into Germanwings plane crash

LYON, France – At the request of French authorities, INTERPOL is deploying an Incident Response Team (IRT) to support the investigation into the Germanwings plane crash in the French Alps which killed 150 people.Based at the French investigation crisis cell in Paris the team, initially comprising four experts, will provide Disaster Victim Identi...
17 March 2015

INTERPOL Chief at Europol launch of Joint Operational Team against irregular migration

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – A Joint Operational Team (JOT) targeting organized crime groups behind illegal migration via the Mediterranean sea was launched today at the Europol headquarters in The Hague.In addition to actively facilitating the transport of irregular migrants, these crime networks have also been linked to human trafficking, drugs, firearms an...
16 February 2015

Record seizures of fake food and drink in INTERPOL-Europol operation

Thousands of tonnes of fake and sub-standard food and drink have been seized in 47 countries around the world as part of an INTERPOL-Europol coordinated operation.Operation Opson IV, conducted during December 2014 and January 2015, resulted in the seizure of more than 2,500 tonnes of counterfeit and illicit food, including mozzarella, strawberries, eggs,...
30 January 2015

Estonia hosts INTERPOL workshop on anti-corruption and financial crimes

TALLINN, Estonia – Heads of anti-corruption agencies, senior investigators and prosecutors came together in Estonia for the 10th INTERPOL Global Programme on Anti-Corruption, Financial Crimes, Money Laundering and Asset Recovery to examine the challenges to successful investigations and prosecutions of corruption-related cases, and to discuss possible sol...