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Law enforcement services in Yemen are provided by ‘General Security’, which is the name given to the Yemeni national police force. Part of the Ministry of Interior, the force is responsible for:

  • Preventing detecting and investigating crime;
  • Ensuring public security and safety;
  • Protecting people and property.

The investigative wing of the force, called the Criminal Investigation Department, or CID, is responsible for conducting police investigations nationwide in all crime fields except terrorism.

Counter-terrorism activities are carried out by the Political Security Organization and the National Security Council.

The Ministry of Interior is in the process of setting up a coastguard law enforcement service, with stations to be opened shortly in Aden and Al Mukalla.

National police structures are currently being examined with a view to restructuring and a new reformed force is due to be launched shortly.

The Yemen Customs Authority is part of the  Ministry of Finance.


Under the direct command of the Minister of Interior, the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Yemen is staffed by a combination of police and administrative staff. Serving as the unique gateway for the Yemeni law enforcement community to pursue criminal matters outside of Yemen, NCB staff work with all INTERPOL member countries and their domestic law enforcement partners to facilitate criminal investigation and intelligence exchange.

INTERPOL Sanaa is responsible for the publication of INTERPOL Notices for fugitives and missing persons. The NCB provides assistance worldwide in locating, deporting or extraditing fugitives located on Yemeni soil or Yemeni fugitives abroad. 

INTERPOL Sanaa in action
08 June 2014

Fight against terrorism and piracy focus of INTERPOL Chief meeting with Yemeni President

SANAA, Yemen – With Yemen on the frontline against terrorism and maritime piracy, during his meeting with Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble pledged the world police body’s full support in their ongoing fight.During his first mission to Yemen, Secretary General Noble’s discussions with President Hadi also ad...
26 February 2014

Yemen underscores cooperation with INTERPOL by implementing travel document

LYON, France – Underlining Yemen’s commitment to global security and international police cooperation, Head of the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) in Yemen, Ali Mansoor Alshamiri signed an official agreement to implement the INTERPOL Travel Document during his visit to the world police body’s General Secretariat headquarters.The agreement, signed b...

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