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    13 June 1956
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Saudi Arabia


INTERPOL Riyadh Command and Coordination Centre

Law enforcement services in Saudi Arabia are provided by the Ministry of Interior (MOI), which is responsible for:

  • National security and stability;
  • Crime prevention, detection and investigation;
  • Law and order.

MOI structure:

  • Border Guard;
  • Civil Defence;
  • Command and Control Centre;
  • King Fahd Security College;
  • Legal Affairs and International Cooperation;
  • Military Affairs;
  • National Information Centre;
  • Passports and identification;
  • Public Security;
  • Research Studies;
  • Security Affairs;
  • Special Security Forces;
  • Technical Affairs;
  • Wire and Wireless Communications.

The Saudi Arabia Police Force is part of the Ministry of Interior. The force is made up of two components:

  • Police security force;
  • Investigative police force.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Saudi Arabia is part of the Ministry of Interior. It serves as the essential gateway for international investigations involving Saudi Arabia and its citizens.   INTERPOL Riyadh works regularly with all INTERPOL member countries, the General Secretariat and its Regional Bureaus across the world. It focuses a large part of its work on fighting transnational crime, and locating fugitives with a view to bringing them to justice.

INTERPOL Riyadh works around the clock seven days a week in a highly innovative and state-of-the-art work environment. It is made up of a large staff of administrators, assistants, translators, technical support staff, police officers, case officers and researchers specialized in fighting specific crime types. Activities are organized around specific crime fields, such as terrorism, drugs and counterfeiting.

Securing Saudi borders

As part of a strategy to boost national security and prevent criminal activity in Saudi Arabia, INTERPOL Riyadh has arranged for its frontline police officers across the country to have direct access to INTERPOL’s global databases.  Many officers in the field now have hands-on access to critical data on wanted persons, vehicles and stolen and lost travel documents. 

With this capacity, Saudi police officers can quickly determine if a person is a potential threat to national security. The Saudi Customs Department (responsible for stolen vehicle investigations) is one of the principal national partners to have access to INTERPOL databases.

Some of INTERPOL Riyadh’s principal domestic law enforcement partners include:

  • General Directorate of Public Security;
  • General Directorate of Investigation;
  • General Directorate of Civil Defense;
  • General Directorate of Border Guards;
  • General Drugs Directorate;
  • General Prisons Directorate.

National Ministries INTERPOL Riyadh works with regularly include:

  • Customs; 
  • Commission for Tourism & Antiquities;
  • Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution; 
  • Monetary Agency;
  • Communications and Information Technology Commission.
INTERPOL Riyadh in action
17 January 2014

Enhancing fugitive investigations focus of INTERPOL workshop for North Africa and Middle East

LYON, France – Enhancing fugitive investigations and developing best practice was the focus of a workshop at the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters for officers from North Africa and the Middle East.The five-day (13 – 17 January) meeting brought together 24 officials dealing with international search requests and fugitives in order to better develo...
11 March 2011

First Arabic INTERPOL Mobile Police Training Programme boosts regional capacity

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Police officers from Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen have taken part in the first ever Arabic session of the INTERPOL Mobile Police Training Programme (IMPTP).The three-week course (5 – 23 March) was held in partnership with the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, covered a range of issues re...
10 January 2011

INTERPOL issues Red Notices for 47 terror suspects wanted by Saudi Arabia

LYON, France – INTERPOL has published at the request of Saudi Arabia Red Notices for 47 internationally-wanted individuals sought by Saudi authorities in connection with alleged terrorism offences.INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon issued the Red Notices at the request of its National Central Bureau (NCB) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, after th...
25 March 2009

Saudi Arabia and INTERPOL maintain pressure on 81 fugitive terrorists with largest ever issue of Red Notices

LYON, France – Saudi Arabia has requested INTERPOL to issue Red Notices, or international wanted persons notices, for 81 suspected terrorists who were the subject of a global alert published in February.INTERPOL's General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon on Wednesday published the largest ever single issue of Red Notices at the request of INTERPOL's...
16 March 2009

Yemen arrest of suspected terrorist wanted by Saudi Arabia praised by INTERPOL

LYON, France – Yemen police have been congratulated by INTERPOL following their arrest of one of the 85 suspected terrorists who was subject to the single largest international security alert issued on 10 February by INTERPOL at the request of Saudi Arabia. INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau in Sana’a has confirmed that Abdullah Abdulrahman Mohammed Alha...
10 February 2009

INTERPOL issues unprecedented global alert for 85 terrorist suspects wanted by Saudi Arabia

LYON, France – An international security alert, known as an Orange Notice, has been issued by INTERPOL for 85 terrorists suspected of plotting attacks against Saudi Arabia from abroad. INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters published the global alert at the request of INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau (NCB) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The 83 Saudi...

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Age today: 54 years old
Nationality: Saudi arabia


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Nationality: Saudi arabia


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