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Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands

Marshall Island Police - Sea Patrol (1)

Created in 1952, the Marshall Island’s Police Department (MIPD) is part of the Ministry of Justice.  Headed by a Police Commissioner, the force is responsible for :

  • protection of people and property;
  • law enforcement throughout the Republic of the Marshall Islands. 

MIPD is made up of nearly 200 sworn police officers serving a population of 70,000 people populating 34 coral atolls and more than a thousand islands.  

The MIPD Commissioner is responsible for:

  • supervision of MIPD staff and action;
  • effective implementation of MIPD rules and regulations;
  • MIPD police operations;
  • daily MIPD police duties.

Accountable to the Commissioner, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) has responsibility for operational law enforcement activities and patrol nationwide, including criminal investigations and management of INTERPOL Majuro.

The DC also oversees the day-to-day running of police sub-stations. The MIPD’s main police station is located in Majuro (Uliga) with sub-stations located on the outer islands of Ebeye, Jaluit and Wotje. 

An Assistant Commissioner is in charge of the administrative and logistics side of law enforcement, including recruitment, finance and  human resources.

MIPD structure:

  • Criminal Investigation Division;
  • Community Policing;
  • Correction and Rehabilitation;
  • Finance & Human Resources;
  • Fire & Rescue;
  • Internal Affairs;
  • INTERPOL Majuro/Transnational Crime Unit/Domestic Violence Unit;
  • Recruitment & Development;
  • Sea Patrol;
  • Traffic Control.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for the Marshall Islands is located at the MIPD headquarters. 

INTERPOL Majuro staffing and structure:

  • headed by the Commissioner of Police;
  • co-headed by the DC for day-to-day operations and NCB management;
  • one NCB officer in charge of daily business.

NCB objectives:

  • Serve as the central point of contact for investigations involving the Marshall Islands and the international police community;
  • Assist INTERPOL member countries with criminal investigations requiring input from the MIPD, and in the location and apprehension of international fugitives;
  • Support INTERPOL enquiries by sharing MIPD information on crime and criminals;
  • Work with partner NCBs in tracing, investigating and prosecuting transnational crime;
  • Assist in the capacity building of the Marshall Islands police cadets through INTERPOL awareness and promotional activities;
  • Provide INTERPOL training to domestic law enforcement agencies;
  • Raise public awareness on the importance of INTERPOL as it relates to international security.

Looking ahead:

In order to strengthen national security, INTERPOL Majuro is in the process of expanding access to I-24/7 services beyond the NCB to strategic national law enforcement endpoints. This means that police across the country and at its 181 km2 of border will soon be able to access INTERPOL’s global databases, enabling them to obtain critical data on wanted persons, vehicles and stolen and lost travel documents.



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