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Each of INTERPOL’s member countries operates a National Central Bureau (NCB) which serves as the national platform for cooperation between domestic law enforcement units and the international police community.

The NCB is typically a division of the national police force or investigation service and serves as the unique contact point for INTERPOL action.

NCBs are staffed by highly trained officials recruited from national law enforcement agencies. Their job is to feed INTERPOL criminal databases and work with other member countries on cross-border investigations, operations and arrests.

The NCB is the designated contact point for the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters, its seven regional offices across the world and INTERPOL representative offices at the African Union, European Union and United Nations.

INTERPOL New Delhi in action
12 June 2017

INTERPOL training helps countries tackle illicit online wildlife trade

SINGAPORE – A new INTERPOL training course will equip law enforcement officers with the necessary skills to combat the increasing illegal wildlife trade via online platforms.With the sale of illicit animal parts and products on the Internet adding to the global, complex challenge in combating these crimes, the practical Cyber Wildlife Crime Investigations...
02 March 2017

Anti-wildlife trafficking operation results in global arrests and seizures

LYON, France – A global operation tackling the illegal trade in wildlife and timber has resulted in the identification of nearly 900 suspects and 1,300 seizures of illicit products worth an estimated USD 5.1 million.The results, announced ahead of World Wildlife Day (3 March), mark INTERPOL’s ongoing commitment to supporting its 190 member countries in co...
09 June 2016

Online sale of fake medicines and products targeted in INTERPOL operation

LYON, France - Fake cancer medication, substandard HIV and diabetes testing kits, counterfeit dental equipment and illicit surgical equipment – just a snapshot of the potentially life-threatening drugs and goods seized during INTERPOL’s Operation Pangea IX.Targeting the illicit online sale of medicines and medical devices and involving some 193 police, cu...
21 December 2015

Falsified and illicit medicines worth USD 7 million seized across Asia in INTERPOL-led operation

LYON, France – Falsified and illicit medicines worth an estimated USD 7 million were seized across Asia in an INTERPOL-coordinated operation to combat pharmaceutical crime in the region.Involving 13 Asian countries, Operation Storm VI saw the arrest of 87 individuals and the investigation of nearly 500 pharmacies and markets, as well as some 100 illicit o...
18 November 2015

Indian prime minister and INTERPOL Chief discuss cooperation

NEW DELHI, India – International security cooperation was the focus of a meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock.The meeting followed the opening of the 6th Global Focal Point Conference on Asset Recovery in New Delhi, where Prime Minister Modi underlined his country’s cooperation with INTERPOL: “The...
18 November 2015

Global asset recovery cooperation focus of INTERPOL-StAR conference

NEW DELHI, India – Enhancing asset recovery cooperation as part of the global response to corruption and financial crimes is a focus of the 6th Global Focal Point Conference on Asset Recovery in New Delhi.Gathering more than 120 delegates from some 50 countries, the three-day (17 – 19 November) meeting is organized by India’s Central Bureau of Investigati...
10 October 2014

INTERPOL congratulates joint Nobel Peace Prize winners from India and Pakistan

LYON, France – On behalf of the international law enforcement community, INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble has congratulated India’s Kailash Satyarthi  and Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai after they jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to improve the rights of children.   Child education activist Malala Yousafzai, aged 17, w...
14 February 2014

Combating corruption in business transactions focus of INTERPOL workshop

NEW DELHI, India – Heads of anti-corruption agencies, senior investigators and prosecutors have come together in India to discuss ways to successfully identify, investigate and prosecute cases of corruption in foreign business transactions at the 7th INTERPOL Global Programme on Anti-Corruption, Financial Crimes and Asset Recovery.The five-day (10 – 14 Fe...
16 October 2013

Enhancing collaboration focus of INTERPOL training on pharmaceutical crime

GHAZIABAD, India – Encouraging greater international cooperation in the fight against pharmaceutical crime was the focus of INTERPOL’s first training course on this type of crime held in India.The three-day event (8-10 October), organized by INTERPOL’s Medical Product Counterfeiting and Pharmaceutical Crime (MPCPC) Sub-directorate and the Indian Central B...
05 July 2013

INTERPOL meeting in South Asia aims to improve wildlife crime investigation skills

NEW DELHI, India – Enhancing techniques for investigating crimes against wild tigers and other Asian ‘big cats’ was the focus of an INTERPOL meeting in India attended by some 30 senior law enforcement officers.The five-day (1-5 July) Integrated Investigative Training and Operational Planning Meeting for South Asia was co-hosted by INTERPOL’s Environmental...
29 November 2012

INTERPOL training in India aims to combat the criminal networks behind illicit trade

MUMBAI, India – Senior police and law enforcement officials have gathered in India for the International Training and Capacity Building Seminar on Trafficking in Illicit Goods, to identify how authorities in the region can work more closely to combat all types of transnational and organized illicit trade.Co-hosted by INTERPOL’s Trafficking in Illicit Good...
29 July 2012

INTERPOL wildlife operation results mark Global Tiger Day

LYON, France – INTERPOL is marking Global Tiger Day with the announcement of an operation aimed at protecting this iconic species and other big cats threatened with extinction and targeting the individual and organized crime groups behind the illicit activity.Operation Prey, conducted across Bhutan, China, India and Nepal led has so far led to nearly 40 a...
22 March 2012

INTERPOL issues Red Notices seeking arrest of four suspects in New Delhi car bomb attack targeting Israeli officials

LYON, France – INTERPOL, acting on a request from India's Central Bureau of Investigation, has issued Red Notices for four suspects wanted in connection with the 13 February bomb attack on an Israeli diplomat’s car in New Delhi.Details of the suspects Mohammadreza Abolghashemi, Houshang Afshar Irani, Seyed Ali Mahdiansadr and Masoud Sedaghatzadeh who are...
30 March 2012

‘World must better prepare itself for emerging cybercrime threats’, INTERPOL Chief tells prestigious meeting in India

NEW DELHI, India ‒ The Head of INTERPOL has said that there is ‘a dramatic discrepancy’ between the immediacy of Internet communications and current measures to support law enforcement’s fight against cybercrime.Speaking on Friday at the D.P. Kohli Memorial Lecture, attended by A.P. Singh, Director of India’s Criminal Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and Sh...
19 December 2011

INTERPOL leads crackdown on illegal wildlife markets in Asia

BANGKOK, Thailand ‒ International wildlife crime networks in Asia have been dealt a blow after a recent operation coordinated by INTERPOL against the illegal trade in endangered species resulted in raids, arrests and investigations across the region.Supported by INTERPOL’s Environmental Crime Programme, Operation Stocktake (1-12 December) saw enforcement...
13 July 2011

INTERPOL condemns terror attacks in India

LYON, France – INTERPOL has condemned Wednesday’s terror attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai in which at least 20 people were killed and more than 100 injured, and pledged its full support to national authorities in their investigation.Following the three explosions across the city, INTERPOL’s Command and Co-ordination Centre (CCC) at its General Secreta...
05 April 2011

Cricket World Cup host countries ensured security with millions of checks against INTERPOL's global databases

LYON, France – Authorities in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka have been commended by INTERPOL for their collaborative efforts with the world police body and international law enforcement on the safety of participants and spectators during the Cricket World Cup, which saw them ensure that as many domestic and foreign visitors as possible were checked again...
12 October 2010

Commonwealth Games in India reach security milestone in co-operation with INTERPOL

LYON, France - The Indian authorities have been commended by INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble for their collaborative efforts with INTERPOL and international law enforcement on the safety of participants and spectators across the country by ensuring that as many domestic and foreign visitors as possible are being checked against the world police...
07 October 2010

Illegal tiger trade targeted by international operation co-ordinated by INTERPOL

LYON, France – An international law enforcement operation co-ordinated by INTERPOL against the illegal trade in tigers has led to the arrest of some 25 individuals suspected of taking part in the illicit trade of one of the world’s most endangered species. The two-month operation (August-September) involved national enforcement agencies in six tiger-range...
25 August 2010

INTERPOL alert leads to arrest of India diamond theft suspects in Dubai

LYON, France – Four people suspected of stealing diamonds worth nearly 1.5 million dollars in India have been arrested in Dubai within 24-hours of an INTERPOL alert being issued at the request of police authorities in India.Mumbai Police alerted INTERPOL immediately after the disappearance of the gems on Monday, and provided the world police body’s C...
22 April 2010

Stolen Indian statue recovered through co-operation via INTERPOL

LYON, France – A stolen Indian statue included among INTERPOL’s most wanted works of art following its theft in September 2009 has been located in New York after it was featured in a magazine advertising its sale by an international auction house.At the request of the National Central Bureau (NCB) in New Delhi, the stone sculpture of two Asian deities was...
05 March 2010

INTERPOL co-ordinated operation targets illegal trade in wildlife medical products

LYON, France - An international operation co-ordinated by INTERPOL targeting the illegal trade in traditional medicines containing protected wildlife products has resulted in a series of arrests worldwide and the seizure of thousands of illegal medicines worth more than EUR 10 million.National wildlife enforcement authorities, police, customs and speciali...
18 February 2008

Indian Police arrest doctor linked to illegal transplants investigation

A doctor wanted in connection with hundreds of illegal kidney transplants in India has been arrested by police in New Delhi.Jeevan Rawat, 36, who was the subject of an INTERPOL Red Notice issued at the request of Indian authorities was taken into custody on Sunday 17 February. Earlier this month, police in Nepal arrested 40-year-old Amit Kumar, who was al...
08 February 2008

Nepalese Police arrest Doctor at centre of Indian illegal transplants investigation

A man believed to be behind hundreds of illegal kidney transplants in India and the subject of an INTERPOL Red Notices has been arrested by police in Nepal.Amit Kumar, who is wanted by Indian authorities for criminal conspiracy, cheating and illegal transplanting of kidneys was arrested on Thursday evening and transferred to Kathmandu on Friday. Police ar...
31 January 2008

India requests INTERPOL global alert for illegal transplant doctors

LYON, France – INTERPOL today issued Red Notices – international wanted persons notices - for two Indian doctors believed to be behind hundreds of illegal kidney transplants.The notices for Amit Kumar and Jeevan Rawat were requested by Indian authorities after police discovered an illegal hospital at a house in Gurgaon near Delhi. It is believed that duri...

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