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Anguilla (UK)

INTERPOL Manchester’s Sub-bureau for Anguilla


“Making Anguilla a safer place”


“To Serve and to Protect”

Mission Statement

Respond to the needs of the community of Anguilla by providing cost effective policing services, 24 hours a day, working in partnership with the community and reducing crime and violence to enhance the lives of all those who live, work or stay in Anguilla.

As with all UK Overseas Territories, Anguilla has its own constitution, government and local laws. Territory constitutions set out the powers and responsibilities of the institutions of government, which include the appointment of a Governor, an elected legislature and ministers. Governors are appointed by the British Monarch and have responsibility for external affairs, defence and internal security, including ultimately the command of the national police force. 

Created in 1972, the Royal Anguilla Police Force (RAPF) is headed by a Commissioner of Police who answers to the Governor. With a strength of 100 police officers and seven civilian staff members, RAPF serves a population of about 13,500 inhabiting a land area of 90 km2.  

The RAPF Commissioner is supported by a Deputy Commissioner of Police and two Superintendents of Police. Together they make up the executive management team which is responsible for implementing strategic RAPF objectives, policing plans, development and mobilization. 

RAPF priorities:

  • Reduce crime and disorderly behaviour;
  • Enhance border control in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, particularly INTERPOL;
  • Maintain a search and rescue capability;
  • Strengthen community policing initiatives through commitment towards youth and diverse communities;
  • Reduce road traffic collisions and prosecute offenders.

INTERPOL Manchester’s Sub-bureau for Anguilla

Located in The Valley, INTERPOL Manchester’s Sub-Bureau (SB) for Anguilla is headed by Anguilla’s Police Commissioner. Day-to-day running of the Sub-Bureau is delegated to a Superintendent of Operations. SB staff include a Sergeant and two Detective Constables. Housed at the Anguilla Police Headquarters, the SB is part of the Crime Intelligence Unit which also carries out Special Branch Duties.   

The Sub-Bureau is the essential link between RAPF and INTERPOL's international law enforcement community.  It serves as the contact point for all INTERPOL investigations relating to Anguilla or requiring RAPF action.

The Sub-Bureau is the designated contact point for the General Secretariat, Regional Bureaus and INTERPOL member countries requiring RAPF assistance, criminal intelligence or data for international investigations and the location and apprehension of fugitives.

The Sub-Bureau works with other SBs and NCBs worldwide on a daily basis, processing international requests for cooperation and criminal data checks.  It provides investigative support to RAPF for investigations or data checks requiring international outreach.


  • Public safety and terrorism;
  • Criminal organizations, firearms and drugs;
  • Fugitive investigations;
  • Financial and hi-tech crime;
  • Human trafficking and people smuggling;
  • Cooperation and information sharing with both internal and external law enforcement agencies.

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