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Headed by the President of the Republic of Malawi, the Malawi Police Service (MPS) is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Security.

In addition to providing national law enforcement services, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Security is responsible for Prison Services and Immigration.

MPS is commanded by an Inspector General assisted by two Deputy Inspectors General in charge of Administration and Operations respectively. The Deputy Inspectors General are responsible for running the general administration and operations of the entire police service as well as the MPS Headquarters.

To enable MPS to serve and secure a population of more than 14 million people, the force divides its administrative and operational activities into four police regions.

Operational responsibilities

  • Airport Security;
  • Community Policing;
  • Criminal Investigation;
  • Explosives, Firearms and Ballistics;
  • Marine Corp;
  • Radio Communication;
  • Police Mobile Service;
  • Prosecution Service;
  • Traffic and Transport.


The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Malawi sits structurally in the MPS Criminal Investigation Department (CID), meaning the eight staff members work side by side with CID units including

  • Fiscal Fraud Section;
  • Dangerous Drug Section;
  • Criminal Records Section;
  • Canine Section;
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Unit;
  • Forensic Science Services;
  • Firearm Registry;
  • Homicide Investigation Section.


  • provide investigative support to domestic, regional and international investigations into national and transnational crime;
  • serve as a platform permitting domestic law enforcement to :
     - take their investigations beyond national borders for police cooperation and input;
     - access INTERPOL’s wide range of criminal databases;
     - access critical information on latest developments and trends in cross-border crime;
  • coordinate local, regional and international police operations, training sessions and law enforcement workshops;
  • populate INTERPOL databases;
  • contribute towards national police capacity building programmes and raise awareness about INTERPOL at national level.

Crime priorities

  • Cybercrime ;
  • Drug trafficking;
  • Economic and commercial crime:
  • Environmental crime;
  • Illegal immigration;
  • Illegal firearm trafficking and related cases;
  • Motor vehicle theft;
  • Terrorism;
  • Trafficking in human beings;
  • Violent crime.
INTERPOL Lilongwe in action
12 July 2016

1,500 police in operation targeting crime networks across Eastern and Southern Africa

KENYA/ZIMBABWE - An operation across Eastern and Southern Africa targeting transnational crimes including human, drug and arms trafficking, people smuggling, terrorism, car theft and environmental crime has resulted in nearly 4,500 arrests.To address the wide-ranging yet often interlinked types of crime across the region, some 1,500 officers were deployed...
04 May 2016

Organized crime networks behind ivory and rhino horn trafficking targeted in East Africa

One man has been arrested and warrants issued for three more individuals in connection with ongoing investigations into two organized crime networks believed to have trafficked at least 8,635 kg of ivory and 53 kg of rhino horn from East and Southern Africa to Asia.   A 44-year-old Chinese national was arrested in Tanzania on suspicion of traffickin...
22 December 2015

Elephant ivory and rhino horn trafficking targeted across Africa in Operation Worthy II

LYON, France – An INTERPOL-led operation targeting ivory trafficking in Africa has resulted in 376 arrests, the seizure of 4.5 tonnes of elephant ivory and rhino horn and the investigation of 25 criminal groups involved in the illicit trade.Operation Worthy II took place from January to October and involved law enforcement across 11 African countries: Eth...
23 February 2015

Zambia hosts INTERPOL training session against wildlife crime

LUSAKA, Zambia – INTERPOL has held a wildlife crime training course to enhance the skills of police and wildlife officials from Malawi and Zambia in effectively enforcing environmental laws.With a keynote address at the opening ceremony by Zambia’s Inspector General of Police, Stella M. Libongani, trainees from Police, Environmental Authorities and Custom...

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