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Law enforcement services in Libya are provided by the Libyan National Police, which is part of the Ministry of Interior.   

Ministry structure:

  • Border Control;
  • Criminal Intelligence Department (CID) headquarters;
  • Immigration;
  • Information Security;
  • Police Inspection;
  • Legal Affairs;
  • Operations;  
  • Public Relations.

Headquartered in Tripoli, the Libyan National Police is made up of regional security directorates with regional responsibility for:

  • Law enforcement;
  • Crime prevention, detection and investigation;
  • Protection of people and property;
  • Emergency services.


Based in the Libyan capital, although it has satellite offices throughout the country, INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau (NCB) for Libya is part of the Ministry of Interior. 

INTERPOL Tripoli supports domestic law enforcement agencies and other INTERPOL member countries who seek assistance in criminal investigations which go beyond national borders. Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, INTERPOL Tripoli maintains permanent communication with all INTERPOL member countries and domestic law enforcement agencies. It receives and processes criminal investigation requests from abroad and is able to take urgent operational action if required.

INTERPOL Tripoli’s principal national law enforcement partners include:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Criminal Investigations Department;
  • Customs;
  • Port Security Forces;
  • Office of the Attorney General (Ministry of Justice).

Project Relinc – Rebuilding Libya’s Investigative Capability

INTERPOL Tripoli plays a key role in helping Libya address post-revolution security challenges through the implementation of an EU funded INTERPOL-led 18 month project to strengthen Libya’s capacity to identify and fight regional security threats. 

View the Project Relinc fact sheet

INTERPOL Tripoli in action
05 May 2014

Libya Minister visit to INTERPOL focuses on increasing cooperation

LYON, France – Identifying ways to further enhance cooperation with INTERPOL was the focus of a visit by Libya’s Minister of Interior, Saleh Mazan Albarassi to the world police body’s General Secretariat headquarters.Minister Albarassi met with INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble to discuss a broad range of international security issues facing the...
17 January 2014

Enhancing fugitive investigations focus of INTERPOL workshop for North Africa and Middle East

LYON, France – Enhancing fugitive investigations and developing best practice was the focus of a workshop at the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters for officers from North Africa and the Middle East.The five-day (13 – 17 January) meeting brought together 24 officials dealing with international search requests and fugitives in order to better develo...
02 August 2013

INTERPOL’s strategy for assisting Libya in the recovery of billions looted by Gaddafi and his associates

LYON, France – INTERPOL regularly receives both solicited and unsolicited crime-related intelligence from law enforcement agencies, private entities and individuals on a wide range of topics.All such information is reviewed, investigated or forwarded to the relevant member countries’ INTERPOL National Central Bureaus. It was through information provided b...
05 June 2013

INTERPOL training in Libya aims to enhance national crime investigations

TRIPOLI, Libya – Police officers from Libya’s Crime Investigation Department (CID) have attended crime analysis training within the framework of INTERPOL’s Project RELINC (Rebuilding Libya's Investigative Capability) as part of efforts to create the country’s first Crime Analysis Unit.Comprising 15 officers, the Unit will help Libya's CID investigate orga...
18 March 2013

INTERPOL Chief Libya mission to advance recovery of stolen assets during Gaddafi regime

TRIPOLI, Libya – Identifying how INTERPOL can provide additional assistance in the recovery of assets stolen during the Gaddafi regime and help enhance national and regional security were key issues during a meeting between INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble and Prime Minister Ali Zeidan.With Secretary General Noble also meeting Interior Minister...
07 March 2013

INTERPOL and EU project to enhance border security in Libya takes off

TRIPOLI, Libya – Senior INTERPOL, EU and Libyan officials have inaugurated the connection of an INTERPOL real-time passport control capacity at Tripoli International Airport as part of international efforts to improve Libyan border security.Under INTERPOL’s EUR 2.2 million Project RELINC (Rebuilding Libya’s Investigative Capability) funded by the EU, Liby...
05 April 2012

INTERPOL issues Red Notices for former Libyan Minister of Interior and Deputy

LYON, France – At the request of Libya, INTERPOL has issued Red Notices for the former Libyan Minister of Interior, Al-Senussi Alozyre and for Naser Al-Mabrouk who served as his Deputy, who are both accused of a range of offences including carrying out illegal arrests, unjustified deprivation of personal liberty and torture.Details of the two suspects hav...
29 November 2012

INTERPOL and the European Union join forces for security in Libya

LYON, France – Senior Libyan officials from the Ministry of the Interior have attended the first meeting of INTERPOL’s Project RELINC (Rebuilding Libya's Investigative Capability), a European Union-funded initiative to assist Libyan authorities in developing a sustainable capability to identify security threats and investigate criminal and terrorist activ...
18 March 2012

INTERPOL Red Notice issued for Gaddafi’s former spy chief Al-Senussi at Libya’s request

LYON, France – At Libya’s request, INTERPOL has issued a Red Notice for Colonel Gaddafi’s former director of military intelligence, Abdullah Al-Senussi for fraud offences including embezzling public funds and misuse of power for personal benefit.The international wanted persons alert for the 62-year-old has been circulated to all 190 INTERPOL member count...
15 March 2012

Libyan Minister of Interior visit to INTERPOL focuses on national and global security issues

LYON, France – Identifying ways to further enhance cooperation with INTERPOL was the focus of a visit by Libya’s Minister of Interior, Fawzi Altaher Abdulaali to the world police body’s General Secretariat headquarters today.Minister Abdulaali met with INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble to discuss a range of law enforcement and security issues, in...
19 November 2011

INTERPOL Chief welcomes arrest of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi as milestone for Libyan justice

LYON, France - The arrest of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi has been welcomed by INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble as an important step forward in the delivery of justice to the people of Libya.The 39-year-old son of Colonel Gaddafi, who is the subject of an INTERPOL Red Notice, or international wanted persons alert, issued at the request of the Internati...
20 October 2011

INTERPOL and ICC urge Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi to turn himself in − call for his safe passage to The Hague

LYON, France – Following the confirmation by the National Transitional Council of Colonel Gaddafi’s death, INTERPOL and the International Criminal Court (ICC) have called for Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi to turn himself in. Both institutions will coordinate with INTERPOL member countries to provide safe passage to The Hague where he is wanted for crimes against...
29 September 2011

INTERPOL issues Red Notice for Assaadi Gaddafi at Libya’s request

LYON, France – INTERPOL has published a Red Notice for Assaadi Gaddafi after Libyan authorities requested an internationally-wanted persons notice against the son of ousted Libyan leader Col Gaddafi for allegedly misappropriating properties through force and armed intimidation when he headed the Libyan Football Federation.With INTERPOL confirming reports...
22 September 2011

INTERPOL issues alert following disappearance of cultural goods in Libya

LYON, France – INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters has issued an alert to its 188 National Central Bureaus following the recent theft in Libya both of an archaeological collection known as “the Treasure of Bengasi” as well as three paintings taken from the British ambassador’s residence in Tripoli.The alert was published as part of INTERPOL’s...
09 September 2011

INTERPOL issues Red Notice for arrest of Muammar Gaddafi at request of International Criminal Court

LYON, France – INTERPOL has issued Red Notices for Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi and former director of military intelligence Abdullah Al-Senussi after the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno-Ocampo, requested the world police body to issue internationally wanted persons notices against the Libyan nat...
04 March 2011

INTERPOL issues global alert following threat identified in UN sanctions resolution targeting Libya's Colonel Al-Qadhafi and others

LYON, France - INTERPOL has issued a global alert known as an Orange Notice against Colonel Al-Qadhafi and 15 other Libyan nationals, including members of his family and close associates, in a bid to warn member states of the danger posed by the movement of these individuals and their assets, to assist member states in their efforts to enforce sanctions u...

Libya’s former Minister of Interior, Fawzi Altaher Abdulaali

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