Innovation Radar

Exchanging information on new technologies

The INTERPOL Innovation Radar is a proposed online platform which will serve as a ‘go-to’ reference source for information, questions and peer-to-peer exchange on the use of new technologies by law enforcement and innovative solutions to emerging crime threats.

When operational, the radar will allow agencies and companies worldwide to share details of ongoing innovation-related projects, to reduce any duplication of efforts and enable cooperation. The sharing of information, best practices, research, news, ongoing activities and more will support global efforts to ensure law enforcement are better prepared to capitalize on new technologies and face existing challenges.

“It is now ‘survival of the fittest’ between law enforcement and criminals. We must continuously adapt, collaborate and innovate.” Anita Hazenberg, Director of Innovation

The ultimate aim is to close the knowledge gap between different law enforcement agencies regarding the use of new technologies, as well as the disconnect between law enforcement and private industry and academia.

Key features

Radar library – the library will provide users with an overview of all content contained on the platform, such as:

  • Information about new technologies and their relevance to law enforcement;
  • Other non-technological innovations in policing;
  • Linking innovations to related law enforcement projects;
  • Articles by experts and other thought leaders.

Projects – law enforcement agencies worldwide which are running relevant projects will be able to share the details with potential partners from other agencies, academia, think-tanks, private industry and international organizations. Projects could focus on new technologies (e.g. drones, Artificial Intelligence, Darknet, cryptocurrencies) or other policing areas (e.g. police management, community policing, ‘living lab’ research). The aim is to encourage and facilitate collaboration between potential stakeholders, agencies, countries, regions.

Radar communities – these will be closed groups created to share and discuss specific topics around innovation and the use of new technologies, which can be open to users of all backgrounds or restricted to law enforcement users only if necessary for security or confidentiality. Users of the platform will be able to see all the existing communities and request to join those which align with their interest and needs.

Personalized homepage – to offer a more tailored and relevant experience, each user will see a personalized homepage with content based on their profile and stated interests. The homepage will highlight different news, articles, projects, events, people and communities.

Articles and thought leadership – articles and thought leadership content on innovation and the use of new technologies written by academia and other subject matter experts will be continuously updated.

Forum – users will be able to start a topic of discussion, post questions and receive responses from other users, gaining insights from the different perspectives available across the platform.

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