Radiological and nuclear detection

We offer countries training on detecting nuclear and radioactive materials.

Should prevention efforts fail, law enforcement must have an effective detection architecture in place to detect and seize nuclear and radioactive material. This entails a combination of a national detection strategy, traditional law enforcement tactics, specialized instruments and training.

We have developed one general workshop on counter nuclear smuggling and a training course on detection operations and associated equipment. In addition, a live operation focuses on using detection capabilities in real scenarios at borders or inland points of interest.

Counter nuclear smuggling workshop

This three-day workshop aims to develop the capacity of law enforcement officials to work with key stakeholders to establish a structure to counter nuclear smuggling in country. It uses instructive modules on threats, strategies and investigations, as well as practical exercises, including demonstration and use of mobile detection systems.

Cross-border training on detection

This training focuses on the detection of radiological and nuclear materials at international border crossing points (land, sea and air). The objective is to improve the capability of law enforcement to detect and intercept the smuggling of radiological and nuclear materials as they are moved across international borders.

It provides participants with an understanding of the agencies involved in detecting the smuggling of radiological and nuclear materials, and explains their roles and responsibilities. This training also provides an opportunity to use radiation detection equipment and practice techniques.

Cross-border operation on detection

This operation is organized at international border crossing points for law enforcement, customs officers, immigration officials, border police and other relevant organizations to apply their knowledge of radiation detection equipment in an operational environment.

This activity exposes participants to operational challenges and supports their understanding of the multiple roles involved.

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