Project AMEAP

AMEAP combines operational and investigative support for countries to fight cross-border drug trafficking.

Project AMEAP assists national authorities to identify security threats and tackle organized crime groups engaged in illicit drug trafficking in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and the Pacific.

It seeks to promote and strengthen the cooperation and the exchange of drug related intelligence between agencies, enabling countries to benefit from our global police databases. By increasing access to the flow of information generated by member countries in different regions, the likelihood of a successful investigation and prosecution is greatly improved.

The project, which is supported by the United Arab Emirates and the INTERPOL Foundation for a Safer World, comprises three major regional initiatives:


The project aims to address the trafficking of cocaine, heroin and synthetic drugs especially methamphetamine to and from Africa, and the illegal diversion of precursor chemicals for none licit usage.

We have set up a multi-disciplinary and joint agency approach that combines investigative support and capacity building. We work on the ground to help law enforcement officials to exchange data and conduct operations focusing on one or several targets in real-time, and in closed and secure environments.

Middle East and Gulf

We have created an operational platform to address the increased production and distribution of illicit drugs, in particular Captagon. This platform serves as an information and intelligence sharing mechanism for drug investigators in the region and focuses on identifying and targeting the criminal elements behind this illicit trade, about which very little is currently documented.

We also organize workshops and expert group meetings aimed at shedding some light on the Captagon market and the criminal organizations involved in its trade.

Asia and the Pacific

Criminals take advantage of technology such as the Internet/Darknet to maximize their profits in the production and distribution of synthetic drugs, such as ATS (amphetamine type stimulants) and NPS (New Psychoactive Substances, as well as to divert the precursor chemicals for the production of illicit drugs.

The project seeks to support the Asia Pacific countries in combatting drug trafficking by enhancing their operational and intelligence sharing capabilities. It specifically targets the production and trafficking of synthetic drugs and the diversion of precursor chemicals.

We organize training events and workshops, working group meetings, and we conduct joint regional and inter-regional operations to address the challenges, using the collection, exchange and analysis of data.