IP Crime Investigators College

Intellectual property crime and counterfeiting affect all regions of the world. As such, the IIPCIC course modules are being translated into a variety of languages, in order to benefit as many countries as possible.

By transforming IIPCIC into a global tool and making this training widely available, we can ensure that investigators across the world have the same level of knowledge and are better equipped to work together effectively on an international level.

Law enforcement officers from the Middle East certified

Seven law enforcement officers from the Qatar Ministry of Interior received a certificate endorsed by INTERPOL certifying they have “successfully completed a course of professional studies on the investigation of transnational and organized intellectual property (IP) crime”.  Originally developed in English the online modules are also available in French and Spanish. An Arabic version will be available soon.

The total of 14 online modules are designed to enhance the ability of the law enforcement community, as well as judicial authorities and government officials to effectively combat fight IP crime on an international level.

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