International Law Enforcement Critical Infrastructure Symposium

7 - 10 July 2014, Miami, USA

Increased integration between law enforcement and the public and private sectors to secure and protect critical infrastructure was the focus of this joint FBI and INTERPOL symposium.

‘Critical infrastructure’ refers to the physical and virtual assets, systems and networks, which if incapacitated or destroyed would have a devastating effect on security, the economy and public health and safety. These include energy, ground and air transport, water, stadiums and maritime safety.

The four-day event brought together senior government, law enforcement and industry officials in order to discuss common issues and share best practice.

With public vigilance an important component of critical infrastructure safety, the symposium also drew attention to INTERPOL’s Turn Back Crime campaign which highlights the role the general public can play in making the world safer.

The symposium was supported by a number of US government agencies including the US Coast Guard, the Transportation Security Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Video interviews

In the short videos below, key speakers and participants share their impressions of the symposium and highlight the value it brings to their activities.


Craig Fair, Deputy Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
The importance of international partnerships in combating transnational terrorism.

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Al-Sharif Nasser bin Nasser, Managing Director, Middle East Scientific Institute for Security
The need for a broad range of partners across sectors in order to address contemporary crime issues.

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INTERPOL Roraima Andriani discussing #GlobalSecurity with Al-Sharif Nasser bin Nasser
The ways in which the general public can get involved in combating transnational crime.

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العقيد منهل هاني حجرات | إدارة الشرطة العربية والدولية
الحوار المتواصل من خلال المؤتمرات الدولية يتيح لأجهزة إنفاذ القانون ان تتبادل المعلومات و الدروس المستفادة فيما يتعلق بالواقع الحاضر و التحديات التي يفرضها      

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Alan King, INTERPOL's Radiological Nuclear Coordinator
The importance of multi-agency cooperation (law enforcement and industry) as well as engagement at ministerial level.

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John Strutton, Community Safety & Crime Prevention Manager, Transport for London
The value of hearing from experts in the field of infrastructure security from across the world.

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Charles B. Blake, INTERPOL Liberia
Gaining new ideas to share on a regional level in order to better combat crime.

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Telinda Missick, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Royal Bahama Police Force
The fundamental need to “communicate, cooperate, collaborate” among law enforcement, and also with the general public the via #TurnBackCrime campaign.

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Filmed presentations

FBI Director James B. Comey, '2014 Critical Infrastructure Symposium.' 

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Roraima Andriani, INTERPOL Director of Cabinet, presenting #TURNBACKCRIME to #FBI 

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Craig Fair, Deputy Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation 

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Turn Back Crime

Rudy Giuliani, Former New York City Mayor supports #TURNBACKCRIME
The vital role that the general public has to play in reducing crime.

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USA Law Enforcement supports #TURNBACKCRIME
Several agencies and units in the USA - from the FBI to the US Coast Guard - voice their support for the campaign.

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