Counterfeit currency and security documents

Project S-Print

Project S-Print brings together the law enforcement community and the security printing industry to reduce the proliferation of counterfeit currency and security documents worldwide. The goal of the project is to prevent organized criminal networks from sourcing the equipment and materials that could be misused for counterfeiting.


In some of the most audacious cases of banknote counterfeiting in history, high security materials and complete banknotes were sourced under false pretenses from companies operating in the security printing industry. Given the damaging impact of these false orders on legitimate monetary issuing authorities, there was a clear need for banknote printing companies and security substrate producers to take the necessary steps to verify the bona fide nature of orders with the relevant issuing institutions and INTERPOL.

In its capacity as the International Central Office for the Suppression of Counterfeit Currency, INTERPOL developed Project S-Print in response to this need, combining it with control systems already being set up to mitigate the risk posed by the market in secondhand intaglio presses.

Best practices

Companies operating in the security printing and associated industries are in the habit of conducting due diligence on their prospective customers and their suppliers. Project S-Print aims to supplement the existing due diligence process rather than substitute it.

Based on the approach adopted by national schemes, INTERPOL promotes the following due diligence guidelines:

  • Maintain and retain full records of all transactions;
  • Profile each new customer, verifying their information through independent and objective sources;
  • Avoid supplying materials when in doubt about the legitimacy of the customer or their proposed use of equipment;
  • Report suspicious orders to the police;
  • Dispose of obsolete equipment responsibly and securely.

Benefits of joining

The Project S-Print network contains more than 25 businesses in the security printing and associated industries. Our members not only benefit from INTERPOL’s reliable expertise and services but are also given the opportunity to strengthen and expand their network and share best practices.

The benefits offered by Project S-Print include:

  • Expertise and a global communication network for verifying the bona fide status of a newly received enquiry to supply high security substrates or materials;
  • Timely assistance in carrying out the due diligence process of a potential customer placing an order;
  • Strong partnership between the private sector and INTERPOL which yields powerful results, such as increased credibility and good reputation for the business;
  • A knowledge-sharing platform which connects partners worldwide through various meetings, workshops, and conferences organized by INTERPOL.

Contact information

INTERPOL General Secretariat
Counterfeit Currency and Security Documents Branch
Project S-Print
200 quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 Lyon, France

Tel: +33 4 72 44 57 42


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