European Union

INTERPOL and the European Union work together closely on matters of joint interest, sharing their resources and expertise and presenting a combined response to law enforcement challenges.


Special Representation of INTERPOL to the EU

The extent of the cooperation led to the opening in 2009 of the Office of the Special Representative of INTERPOL to the European Union (SRIEU). The aims of the office are to:

  • Increase INTERPOL’s visibility to the EU institutions, agencies, and governing bodies involved in activities related to law enforcement;
  • Promote collaboration with the EU areas pertaining to law enforcement so as to avoid duplication and develop creative synergies;
  • Act as a Privileged Partner in EU forums and in EU initiatives regarding the law enforcement arena;
  • Manage EU-funded projects.

European-funded projects

The European Union currently contributes to the funding of several different INTERPOL projects, including:

  • EU-ASEAN Migration and Border Management Programme II
  • WAPIS – West African Police Information System
  • SIIP – Speaker Idenitification Integrated Project
  • CRIMLEA – Critical Maritime Routes Law Enforcement Capacity Building in East Africa 
  • ICCWC – International Consortium to Combat Wildlife Crime
  • iArms III – Illicit Arms Records and Tracing Management System
  • I-24/7 Extension – Jordan
  • CWIT – Illicit Trade on Electronic Waste
  • Project RESPECT – Rules, Expectations and Security through Privately-Enhanced Convenient Technologies
  • CORE – Consistently Optimised Resilient Secure global supply chains
  • MAPPING – Managing Alternatives for Privacy, Property and Internet Governance
  • ICSE – International Child Sexual Expoiltation Database version 3
  • E-CRIME – Economic impacts of CyberCRIME
  • EVIDENCE – European Informatics Data Exchange Framework for Courts and Evidence



Interview with Europol Director Rob Wainwright (2013)