International partners


At INTERPOL, we believe that partnerships with other organizations in the public and private sectors are essential in order to tackle challenges in common areas.

Transnational crime cannot be countered by the law enforcement community in isolation. By engaging in partnerships across sectors, we can share expertise, technology and resources, and so strengthen our joint response.

External organizations can bring a new and valuable dimension to INTERPOL’s activities, with their contributions benefiting INTERPOL’s entire network of member countries.

Cooperation across sectors

INTERPOL cooperates closely with a number of partners in the public sector, and maintains representative offices at the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations.

Other public-sector partners include the World Customs Organization, CEMAC (Economic Community of Central African States) and numerous government agencies.

We also work with select partners from the private sector, encompassing both for-profit entities and non-profit bodies, such as non-governmental organizations and foundations.

21 July 2017

INTERPOL and UN CTED enhance cooperation

04 July 2017

INTERPOL World: connecting police and private industry for a safer future

24 April 2017

INTERPOL-led cybercrime operation across ASEAN unites public and private sectors

19 April 2017

INTERPOL and TNO partnership to combat cybercrime

30 September 2016

INTERPOL partners with NCS4 on spectator sports safety and security

17 June 2016

INTERPOL and TNO to collaborate in combating cybercrime

08 February 2016

Barclays first financial institution to support INTERPOL efforts in combating cybercrime

26 January 2016

SICPA strengthens its support for the INTERPOL Travel Document

22 January 2016

INTERPOL backs World Economic Forum cybercrime project

04 December 2015

INTERPOL supports global operation against Dorkbot botnet

15 October 2015

INTERPOL-Europol forum targets migrant smuggling networks

11 September 2015

INTERPOL and Europol chiefs issue joint call for urgent action to target people smuggling networks

15 May 2015

Agreement with SMART Research to enhance INTERPOL forensic support to law enforcement

14 April 2015

Global efforts to identify child abuse victims via INTERPOL boosted with Microsoft technology

14 April 2015

Inaugural INTERPOL World forum focuses on innovation for global security

13 April 2015

INTERPOL coordinates global operation to take down Simda botnet

01 April 2015

Protecting cultural heritage requires a global response, says INTERPOL Chief

19 March 2015

INTERPOL hosts global music industry anti-piracy conference

16 February 2015

Record seizures of fake food and drink in INTERPOL-Europol operation

29 January 2015

Foreign fighter threat to Europe requires global response says INTERPOL Chief

INTERPOL Shaping Innovation through Partnerships

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