Commission for the Control of Files (CCF)


The Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (the Commission, or the CCF) is an independent, impartial body, officially responsible for ensuring that the processing of personal data by the INTERPOL General Secretariat conforms to the applicable INTERPOL rules.

The Commission’s three functions are defined in INTERPOL’s Constitution (Article 36) and the powers of each Chamber in the CCF Statute (Article 3) . It has a supervisory role, an advisory role , and it is also responsible for processing requests for access to, and correction and/or deletion of data in the INTERPOL Information System (see Organization) .

The Commission’s impartiality and independence are provided for in a number of texts and guaranteed by the extent of its powers and the conditions applying to the withdrawal of a member. In addition, it gained accreditation and recognition as a data-protection authority with the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in 2003.

To obtain more information about how to submit a request, see “Your Rights”.

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