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29 سبتمبر 2017

Europol-INTERPOL conference calls for collaboration against cybercrime

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – Cyber specialists from around the world gathered in The Hague this week to address the challenges of providing effective cybersecurity in an interconnected world.

With the theme of ‘Actively united for a safer cyberspace’, the 5th Europol-INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference, attended by more than 420 delegates from 68 countries, underscored the importance of developing a comprehensive global response which encompasses all stakeholders including police, the private sector, academia, governments and international organizations. 

Discussions at the three-day (27 – 29 September) conference focused on the current and new threats and trends in cybercrime; financial aspects of cybercrime; the security of connected devices known as the ‘Internet of Things’; strategies to combat ransomware; the criminal abuse of encryption and anonymization; Darknet market sites; access to data and electronic evidence; and domain name server (DNS) abuse.

“The current state of cybercrime, reaching all the corners of the world and threatening to undermine the benefits brought by the new technologies, requires a global response. INTERPOL supports law enforcement to tackle the emerging challenges through a number of channels, providing a global platform including not only communication tools but a wide range of services, from capacity building programmes, to cyberthreat intelligence support,” said Silvino Schlickmann, INTERPOL’s Director of Cybercrime.

“Cooperation with Europol is one of our highest priorities to combat cybercrime in the most effective way,” added Mr Schlickmann.

He highlighted INTERPOL’s recent collaborative activities including a ‘cyber surge’ operation in Latin America targeting thousands of active cyberthreats affecting dozens of countries in the region, and a specialized training course to assist authorities in Southeast Asia to identify and accessing electronic evidence.

In a joint closing statement, Europol and INTERPOL agreed on specific steps in the joint fight against ransomware, a coordinated law enforcement approach to addressing the threat from the Dark Web, identifying approaches to tackling the threat of cybercrime in a more proactive and efficient manner, and to continue to focus on coordinated prevention and awareness initiatives to increase basic cybersecurity and nurture the skills and expertise needed to ensure a safer cyberspace.

Several high-level delegates addressed the conference, including Europol’s Executive Director, Rob Wainwright and the European Union Commissioner for the Security Union, Sir Julian King, who highlighted the need for improved cybersecurity and resilience and a more effective joint response to the increasing threats from cybercrime.

Steven Wilson, Head of Europol's European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) said: “We have just successfully closed the 5th annual edition of the Europol-INTERPOL cybercrime conference with the highest participation ever, both in terms of attendees and line-up of speakers. In just a few years, this event has become a leading name within the global community of cybercrime fighters.

“With the conference already behind us, it is now time to start working on fulfilling the objectives jointly agreed with INTERPOL. So, let's get to work and remain actively united for a safer cyberspace. I look forward to seeing all participants in Singapore next year,” he concluded.

The conference also provided an opportunity for Europol and INTERPOL to reconfirm their strong commitment to continue their collaboration in the fight against cybercrime, building on successful examples such as the Global Airline Action Days and the No More Ransom initiative.

The Europol-INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference is a joint initiative launched in 2013. Held annually, it is hosted in alternate years by Europol and INTERPOL.