INTERPOL Executive Committee affirms appointment of Senior Vice-President

١٣ فبراير، ٢٠٠٨

Members of INTERPOL’s Executive Committee have agreed that in accordance with the Organization’s rules, Arturo Herrera Verdugo, as Senior Vice-President will assume the responsibilities of President of INTERPOL until the General Assembly in October 2008.

During their meeting at the General Secretariat in Lyon – their first since the resignation of the President in January - the Executive Committee agreed with the Office of Legal Affair’s interpretation of the Constitution that as delegate for the Americas since 2004 and subsequently Vice-President for the Americas since 2006, Mr Herrera Verdugo is the Senior Vice President on the Executive Committee.

As Senior Vice-President, Mr Herrera Verdugo will assume the following responsibilities of President:

  • preside at meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee and direct the discussions;
  • ensure that the activities of the Organization are in conformity with the decisions of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee;
  • maintain as far as possible direct, permanent contact with the Secretary General of the Organization;
  • exercise certain financial powers in cases of emergency between sessions of the General Assembly and/or the Executive Committee.

Mr Herrera Verdugo will carry out the duties of President until INTERPOL’s 2008 General Assembly in St Petersburg, Russia in October when elections for the position of President will be held.