Innovation Centre

As organized crime groups become more sophisticated and interconnected, so must our response. At INTERPOL, we work to ensure the world’s police forces benefit from the latest innovations in order to detect, prevent, tackle and investigate international crime.

INTERPOL’s Innovation Centre, based at our Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore, is a key partner for law enforcement to engage with to complement their strategic planning and technical innovation.

The Innovation Centre brings together experts from a wide range of public, private and government sectors to research, develop and implement dynamic solutions to policing issues.

Laboratories for strategic and applied innovation

The Centre’s four laboratories experiment and test policing technologies, strategies, concepts and tools with a view to guiding global discussions, moderating international cross-sector collaboration and developing both incremental and groundbreaking security solutions:

1. Futures and foresight lab

  • Anticipating future policing needs, situations and scenarios
  • Examining how global changes can affect policing from an organization, legislative and ethical perspective
  • Adapting and advocating fresh policing strategies

2. Adaptive policing lab

  • Creating policing solutions tailored to the needs of national, regional and international law enforcement
  • Setting global policing standards and norms
  • Hosting global events in order to promote innovation and strategic planning
  • Providing a catalogue of emerging technologies and innovations, available to INTERPOL’s 192 member countries via a digital collaborative platform

3. Cyberspace and new technologies lab

  • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the cyberspace and new technologies
  • Leading a group of experts in the applied analysis of emerging digital crime trends and threats
  • Researching and testing new technologies and how they are used by criminals

4. Digital forensics lab

  • Exploiting digital evidence to build a stronger case against criminals
  • Promoting digital forensics standards and operational procedures
  • Developing training and mentoring programmes

Working with the Innovation Centre

Law enforcement specialists, members of the private sector or academia wishing to participate in this initiative are encouraged to contact the Innovation Centre.


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