External contributions in 2014

The following bodies and companies were the largest contributors to INTERPOL’s Trust Fund and Special Accounts in 2014.

Philip Morris International

2014 expenditure: EUR 5.6 million
A total of EUR 15 million was received over three years from July 2012 to June 2015 when the funding agreement expired and was not renewed.
Sector: Private
Projects supported:

  • Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Counterfeiting Programme

European Commission

2014 expenditure: EUR 5.1 million
Sector: Government agency
Projects supported include:

  • External aid programmes in Libya and West Africa
  • Development of databases of firearms and child sexual abuse material
  • Wildlife protection and legislative programmes

Canada DFATD

2014 expenditure: EUR 2.5 million
Sector: Government agency (Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development)
Projects supported include:

  • Capacity building
  • Counter-terrorism capacity building
  • Bio-security programmes

US, Federal Bureau of Investigation

2014 expenditure: EUR 2.0 million
Sector: Government agency
Projects supported:

  • CBRNE programme


2014 expenditure: EUR 1.7 million
In July 2015 INTERPOL terminated the agreement with FIFA and returned the funds which remained unspent from the donation.
Sector: Private
Projects supported:

  • Integrity in sport programme

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