Employment conditions for seconded officials

All seconded officials are subject to the INTERPOL Staff Regulations and Rules.

INTERPOL has four categories of posts: non-classified posts, senior management posts (Grades 1 and 2), executive posts (Grades 3 to 5) and administrative posts (Grades 6 to 10).

Initial secondments shall normally be for a period of three years. The Secretary General may extend the secondment, provided the respective national administration agrees to it. The total length of secondment should normally not exceed six years.

By proposing to second one of its officials, the national administration commits itself to paying his/her remuneration. The level of remuneration should be high enough to enable the official and his/her family members to live in appropriate conditions at the duty station. In exceptional circumstances, INTERPOL can assist the national administration in financing part of the official’s remuneration.

The national administration also has to arrange for appropriate insurance coverage for the official and his/her family members (health, welfare, accident/death and retirement). Insurance coverage also has to be applicable in case of missions undertaken by the official on behalf of INTERPOL, including missions of long duration.

Costs of travel and removal expenses upon appointment and separation are covered by the national administration.

Unless the national administration decides otherwise, INTERPOL will pay an expatriation allowance to a seconded official who is not a national of the country in which the duty station is located and who has not been a resident of that country for more than three years. The amount of allowance depends on the family situation and duty station. The allowance shall be paid for a maximum of six years.

For your information, employment by an International Organization may require assignment and travel to any part of the world on short notice or for a long duration. Moreover, you may be required to work day and night shifts, on week days and at weekends and on public holidays.

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