Employment conditions for contracted officials

All staff appointed under contract are subject to the INTERPOL Staff Regulations and Rules.

INTERPOL has four categories of posts: non-classified posts, senior management posts (Grades 1 and 2), executive posts (Grades 3 to 5) and administrative posts (Grades 6 to 10). There are different salary scales in effect in each of INTERPOL’s duty stations.

Salaries paid to INTERPOL staff are not subject to income tax, but to an internal tax which is deducted by the Organization. Nevertheless, staff members should declare their INTERPOL income to the tax authorities of their duty station."Salary is determined taking into consideration the professional experience of the selected candidate.

For staff recruited to work in Lyon, participation in the French national health social security scheme and a complementary health insurance scheme are compulsory. Staff can further choose between participating in the French pension system or INTERPOL Interim Retirement Scheme.Staff recruited to work in other duty stations shall participate in the INTERPOL Interim Retirement Scheme. For health insurance, staff can either find coverage on their own and receive reimbursement for a portion of premiums or can join a scheme proposed by INTERPOL.

INTERPOL covers the costs of travel from the place of recruitment to the duty station for all new officials and their eligible dependants, as well as removal costs, provided that the official’s last place of residence was more than 50 kilometers away from the new place of residence.

Assistance with visa formalities is provided as well as housing assistance.

Officials who are not nationals of the country in which their duty station is located and who have not been a resident of that country for more than three years, shall receive a monthly expatriation allowance (except for Short term contract), the amount of which depends on family situation and duty station. The allowance shall be paid for a maximum of six years.

Officials that were not living in the duty stations at the time of their appointment shall receive upon arrival an installation grant to assist them with their initial expenses (except for Short term contract). The amount of the grant depends on family status and duty station.

Officials employed under a short-term appointment are not entitled to travel or removal expenses upon taking up their position, nor do they receive an installation grant or an expatriation allowance. Depending on their nationality, they may be entitled to a short term allowance. There is no form of unemployment compensation for an official employed under a short-term appointment.

All Officials shall also be entitled to a transportation allowance.

For your information, employment by an International Organization may require assignment and travel to any part of the world on short notice or for a long duration. Moreover, you may be required to work day and night shifts, on week days and at weekends and on public holidays.

Salary scales

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