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04 October 2018

Bolivia presents INTERPOL Chief with award recognizing Organization’s work

LA PAZ, Bolivia – Bolivian authorities have presented INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock with the Gran Collar Institucional del Orden de la Policía Boliviana in recognition of the Organization’s work.

In a ceremony in La Paz, Head of the Bolivan Police General Faustino Alfonso Mendoza, said INTERPOL played an essential role in assisting member countries in combating all forms of crime.

The El PAaCTO (Europa-Latinoamérica Programa de asistencia contra el crimen transnacional organizado: por el Estado de Derecho y la Seguridad ciudadana) Project was highlighted as an important vehicle for cooperation between INTERPOL and Bolivia.

The three-year initiative aims to create and develop a network across Latin America to identify, prioritize and target high-risk criminals through enhanced regional cooperation and information exchange.

Another initiative currently active in Bolivia is the CRIMJUST project, aimed at strengthening criminal investigations and criminal justice cooperation along the cocaine route. INTERPOL’s role in this project is to support law enforcement officers handling organized crime and drug trafficking cases by strengthening their ability to conduct joint or coordinated cross-border investigations and by encouraging the systematic exchange of data within the region and internationally.

In his first official mission to Bolivia, the INTERPOL Chief also met with Minister of the Interior Carlos Romero to discussed a range of key crime issues including drug trafficking and cybercrime.

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