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04 April 2018

INTERPOL and Frontex meet on enhanced border management

VENICE, Italy – INTERPOL and Frontex have held a meeting as part of their efforts to expand their respective Dial-Doc and Quick Check Cards initiatives to improve travel document checks at border points and tackle travel document fraud.

With increased mobility of people and goods across borders also facilitating the movement of criminals, this first working group meeting was held under the framework of enhanced collaboration between the two organizations; it aims to increase international cooperation between border control and law enforcement authorities to tackle the global security challenges posed by illicit travel documents.

Some 16 operational and technical experts, representing seven countries (Albania, Canada, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, and Romania) as well as the EU Council participated in the meeting (27 – 29 March) which aimed to review and shape future best practices and standards for travel document verification.

INTERPOL’s enhanced partnership with Frontex falls within the framework of the world police body’s Border Management programme which sees effective border security as an essential part of combating transnational crime.

With INTERPOL’s databases now queried almost 200 times every second, it continues to push for greater expansion of its I-24/7 secure police communications system so as to reach the frontlines of policing across the globe, ensuring the timely availability of police information during border controls.

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