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16 December 2016

INTERPOL workshop focuses on chemical security risks and challenges

LYON, France - Representatives from law enforcement, industry and government from the Middle East and Africa have taken part in a workshop to facilitate exchange on issues of chemical security.

Organized by INTERPOL’s Chemical and Explosive Terrorism Prevention Unit, the four-day (13 - 16 December) workshop focused on risks, challenges and successes, as well as the importance of cross-sector collaboration in forming and implementing local and national chemical incident response plans.

Subject matter experts from INTERPOL and Brookhaven and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories led scenario-based exercises that supplemented lectures and round-table discussions, allowing participants to put the course material into practice.

Regulatory cooperation on chemical security at the national level was encouraged and tools and frameworks were provided to participants to strengthen their national capacities for coordination, operation planning and chemical incident command and reporting.

“This workshop is important because it targets specific regions where the lack of chemical security is a real threat. It aims to identify gaps within each country’s capability and allow them to assess their own threats and implement plans to improve their chemical security. At INTERPOL, we have worked diligently with our local chemical industry in Lyon to build a relationship where we can assist them to improve their security measures. As a result of this relationship the delegation were given the opportunity to visit a working chemical plant in order to see various methods of physical security,” said Alan Grimmer, Coordinator of INTERPOL’s Chemical and Explosive Terrorism Prevention Unit.

Funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Chemical Security Program and Global Affairs Canada, in coordination with implementing partners Brookhaven National Laboratory and CRDF Global, the workshop included nine countries from the Middle East and African region: Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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