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25 September 2015

Addressing cybercrime challenges focus of INTERPOL working group meeting

XIAMEN, China – Identifying trends in cybercrime to develop a coordinated law enforcement response was the focus of an INTERPOL working group meeting for heads of units from Europe, Asia and Oceania.

In addition to sharing expertise and best practice in cybercrime investigations, the three-day (23 – 25 September) meeting also provided an opportunity to develop regional action plans and identify potential areas for operational activity to target cybercriminals.

Round table discussions addressed the various challenges to cybercrime investigations including cross-jurisdictional information sharing, technical and legal considerations, and the need for increased international collaboration in the effort to fight cybercrime.

Current tactics and modus operandi to tackle the ongoing Ransomware threat, as well as other risks facing countries including Business Email Compromise and romance scams.

“The working group has already established an excellent platform amongst law enforcement agencies and stakeholders which facilitates collaboration on fighting cybercrimes, capacity building as well as training initiatives,” said Francis Chan, Chairman of the Eurasian working group and Head of the Hong Kong Police Force’s Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau.

“It brings about enhanced ability and cutting-edge solutions to overcome global challenges in cyber policing.”

Participants were also updated on the various tools, services and capabilities of the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) to support law enforcement in combating cybercrime, including the Cyber Fusion Centre (CFC).

The CFC brings together experts from law enforcement, the private sector and academia to gather and analyze information on criminal activities in cyberspace to  identify new and emerging cybercrime threats and provide countries with coherent, usable intelligence.

“INTERPOL believes that cooperation is key to fighting cybercrime, with regional working groups such as this providing a platform for law enforcement agencies to share their experiences for future joint action,” said Madan Oberoi, Director Cyber Innovation and Outreach, IGCI

Some 100 participants from 27 member countries, eight private sector companies and Europol attended the meeting co-hosted by the Ministry of Public Security of China.