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08 September 2015

Armenia receives INTERPOL DNA software to create national database

LYON, France – To enable police officers nationwide to better identify criminals and solve complex crimes, the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) in Armenia has received INTERPOL’s DNA-matching software at INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters during an official signing ceremony.

The Armenian National Police will use the software to create its own national DNA database at the Yerevan National Police Headquarters Forensic Laboratory before the end of the month.

“With this powerful new forensic technology, Armenia’s criminal investigations will be more effective and we will be able to perform multifaceted identifications and make links between crime and criminals which previously were not possible to establish,” said Ara Fidanyan, Head of INTERPOL Yerevan.

 “Forensic expertise and the exchange of forensic data is vital to both national and international investigations, and we are grateful to the General Secretariat for helping us create our national DNA database in this way” he added.
 “With improved international police cooperation in mind and in collaboration with INTERPOL Vienna, INTERPOL specifically developed its DNA matching software to boost the development and forensic capacity of National Central Bureaus worldwide,” said Susan Hitchin, INTERPOL DNA Unit Coordinator. “INTERPOL strongly supports this initiative and encourages member countries wanting to establish their own national DNA database to do likewise,” she concluded.

Armenia is the first INTERPOL member country to use INTERPOL’s DNA matching software to create its own national DNA database.