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17 April 2015

INTERPOL Asia meeting sets its sights on enhancing regional security

SINGAPORE – The 22nd INTERPOL Asian Regional Conference has closed with senior law enforcement officials from across Asia and the South Pacific agreeing a series of measures to strengthen regional efforts against transnational crime.

Amongst these were recommendations to support the efforts of INTERPOL member countries in Asia to combat cybercrime, strengthen police cooperation and action against Foreign Terrorist Fighters, and extend the use of INTERPOL’s global tools and services in Asia, including its DNA, fingerprints and firearms databases.

Gathering more than 160 senior law enforcement officials from some 30 countries in the region and international organizations, the response by global law enforcement to crime in the digital age was a key topic at the three-day event (15 - 17 April).

With the conference a strong platform for INTERPOL member countries in the region to share experiences and best practices, and to forge law enforcement partnerships against crime and terrorism, links between organized crime and terrorist networks were also important items on the conference agenda.

Key issues included terrorism, cybercrime, environmental security, human trafficking, pharmaceutical crime, sports integrity, counterfeit security documents and currency, trafficking in illicit goods and counterfeiting, as well as capacity building and training.

In addition to the inauguration of the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation, INTERPOL’s Asian Regional Conference was part of a week of INTERPOL events in Singapore which also included the INTERPOL World 2015 forum.

The regional conference in Singapore ended after designating Nepal as the host of the 23rd INTERPOL Asian Regional Conference in 2017.