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15 June 2014

Ducati Team on track in support of Turn Back Crime campaign

BARCELONA, Spain – The Turn Back Crime campaign is racing ahead as the Ducati Team add their support to INTERPOL’s efforts to tackle a wide range of crimes, including counterfeiting and motor vehicle crime

At today’s GP of Catalunya, taking place at the Montmeló circuit near Barcelona, the Ducati Team will be revving up INTERPOL’s campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of all types of crime, the effects on our day-to-day lives, and ways in which the public can take action.

Paolo Ciabatti, Ducati Corse Sporting Director said: “The Ducati Team is proud to bring the Turn Back Crime campaign to the racetrack and to engage the hundreds of thousands of passionate racing fans.We hope the shared values of Ducati Team and INTERPOL of integrity, motivation and commitment will encourage as many people as possible to join the team in helping turn back crime.”

In a demonstration of support, the Turn Back Crime logo has been added to the racing motorcycles of Ducati Team’s Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow, and Pramac Racing Team’s Andrea Iannone, for the race.

Roraima A. Andriani, Executive Director of the Turn Back Crime campaign, said: “INTERPOL is thrilled to team up with Ducati in a joint effort to turn back crime, and we are delighted they are adopting this campaign to create awareness, generate engagement and encourage action. Ducati’s support will help the campaign move forward at full speed, while strengthening the message that, together, we can put the brakes on crime.”

With counterfeit car and motorbike parts posing a threat to the safety of consumers, the Turn Back Crime campaign highlights the need to work across sectors in response to these issues. The trade in counterfeit vehicle parts is worth an estimated USD 16 billion worldwide, with the most commonly faked parts including brake shoes, brake pads, air linkages and spark plugs. As these fakes are often poor quality, the safety risks are clear. Fake brakes have caused a number of serious if not fatal accidents.

Thousands of motor vehicles, including luxury cars and motorbikes, are stolen every year in highly organized criminal activity that affects all regions of the world. In a unique example of cooperation between law enforcement and vehicle motor manufacturers, INTERPOL’s Project INVEX works to establish new ways of detecting stolen vehicles and illicit parts.

Ducati is the latest internationally renowned name to support the Turn Back Crime campaign, joining the first Ambassador film star Jackie Chan, along with  Argentina captain, FC Barcelona striker and the first four-time consecutive FIFA Ballon d'Or winner, Lionel Messi.

The campaign, which has also been presented to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Pope Francis, aims to develop awareness covering other crime areas such as integrity in sport, cybercrime and environmental crime.

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