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13 June 2014

INTERPOL pays tribute to fallen RCMP officers

LYON, France – INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble offered condolences on behalf of the world police body to the families and friends of the three members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who lost their lives last week.

RCMP Constables Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, 45, David Joseph Ross, 32, and 40-year-old Douglas James Larche were laid to rest on Tuesday in a funeral service attended by some 7,000 RCMP officers and law enforcement officials from across the country who turned out to pay tribute to their fallen colleagues.

The officers were killed on 4 June by a gunman who confronted them in a residential neighbourhood of Moncton, Canada. Two other RCMP officers were wounded in the shooting. The suspected shooter was apprehended two days later following a massive manhunt.

Secretary General Noble extended the Organization’s deepest sympathies to all those who were close to the officers killed and wounded in the ‘tragic’ attack.

“Whenever our fellow law enforcement officers pay the ultimate price, not only do their families, loved ones and nation mourn, but INTERPOL and the law enforcement officers of all INTERPOL member countries mourn,” said Mr Noble.

The INTERPOL Chief added that the global police community ‘must come together in this time of sorrow to honour the ultimate sacrifice of their brothers, and let this tragedy serve as a reminder that the bonds between law enforcement the world over must remain strong’.

To this end, each official INTERPOL meeting begins with a minute of silence to pay respect to those officers worldwide who have paid the ultimate price.

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, who is also a Delegate for the Americas on INTERPOL’s Executive Committee, paid tribute to the officers who put the safety of their community above all else.

“We believe in their honour, their integrity, their compassion and their professionalism. We believe in what they stood for, what they died for. They put themselves between danger and our citizens. We must all struggle with how to understand this loss,” he said.

Commissioner Paulson pledged that the RCMP and police the world over would never forget the ‘heroes’ who ‘sacrificed their lives so others could be safe’.