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10 June 2014

INTERPOL training to help law enforcement protect integrity of 2014 FIFA World Cup

BRASILIA, Brazil – As football fans around the world prepare to support their favourite teams during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, INTERPOL is providing training to police officers as part of the world police body’s ongoing contribution towards protecting the integrity of the event.

In partnership with FIFA, INTERPOL’s Integrity in Sport (IST) team has developed a training programme to support Brazilian law enforcement agencies with a better understanding of the dangers of match-fixing and the modus operandi used by organized crime both nationally and internationally.

Hosted by the Brazilian Federal Police in Brasilia, law enforcement officials from Brazil and from around the world who are manning the International Police Cooperation Centre, are attending today's course aimed at assisting them in recognizing suspicious patterns of behaviour which could be connected to match manipulation.

The training is an integral part of INTERPOL’s global IST strategy to raise awareness of the scope and scale of match-fixing and ensure a coordinated response from the law enforcement community worldwide.

The course is a key component of the 10-year initiative established between INTERPOL and FIFA in May 2011 to develop and implement a Training, Education and Prevention programme to enhance awareness on match-fixing and corruption in football.

INTERPOL’s Integrity in Sport unit, in partnership with the FIFA Security Division, has developed a multi-faceted programme to assist football associations, government departments, law enforcement agencies and other relevant stakeholders in developing coordinated strategies to tackle match-fixing, incorporating stakeholders on national, regional and international levels.

The course is being held just days after Lionel Messi, Argentina captain, FC Barcelona striker and the first four-time consecutive FIFA Ballon d'Or winner, added his voice to INTERPOL’s #TurnBackCrime campaign to highlight the dangers of organized and other forms of crime and its impact on everyday life.

While many people know that transnational organized crime networks are behind various forms of trafficking such as illicit goods, fake medicines, drugs, arms and even people, they are often unaware of the links with other seemingly unrelated and varied crimes such as match-fixing.

Corruption in sport, counterfeiting, cybercrime, kidnapping, fraud, crimes against children and environmental crime are in fact often interconnected, with profits from one crime area used to fund another.

Read more about INTERPOL’s Integrity in Sport unit and find out how you can join INTERPOL’s Turn Back Crime campaign:


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