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03 April 2014

INTERPOL casebook highlights links between illicit trade and organized crime

LYON, France – INTERPOL has launched a casebook outlining the links between illicit trade, counterfeiting and organized crime. ‘Against Organized Crime: INTERPOL Trafficking and Counterfeiting Casebook 2014’ is a compilation of cases from law enforcement worldwide involved in the fight against trafficking in illicit goods and counterfeiting.

Through these real-life examples divided into chapters, the reference book details the strong connections between illicit trade and other crimes such as counterfeiting and smuggling, fake medicines, arms smuggling, trafficking in human beings and organs, drug trafficking, financial crimes, terrorism, environmental crime and cybercrime.

“The criminal networks behind trafficking in illicit goods and counterfeiting are complex and pervasive, reaching far beyond national borders. The INTERPOL Trafficking and Counterfeiting casebook is the first publicly released study to provide comprehensive evidence of the clear connection between illicit trade and other types of organized crime,” said INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble.

The casebook discusses the organized criminal networks which are often behind illicit trade, using the profits to fund other criminal endeavours. It also highlights the role INTERPOL is playing to assist law enforcement around the globe in combating these crimes through its Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Counterfeiting programme, by coordinating regional operations, bringing police together, organizing capacity building and training sessions, and awareness raising.

“This unique casebook is a compilation of past and present criminal cases which demonstrate the links between illicit trade and counterfeiting crimes and many other serious crimes. It is a free reference document for police and the public, to help them understand the involvement of organized criminal groups in counterfeiting and illicit trade,” said Michael Ellis, Head of INTERPOL’s Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Counterfeiting unit.

“We hope this book will raise awareness of the impact this crime has on all levels of society,” he added.

To further illustrate the impact of illicit trade and counterfeiting, the casebook includes photographs from operations around the world, as well as comments from chiefs of police and other organizations engaged in combating these crimes.

Launched during the 10th annual INTERPOL Heads of National Central Bureaus conference in Lyon, the casebook is available on the INTERPOL website.

Michael Ellis, INTERPOL Assistant Director

John Gilligan, Head of INTERPOL Dublin

Gustavus Babile, Head of NCB Dar-Es-Salaam

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