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07 February 2014

Ecuadorean delegation visit to INTERPOL focuses on international police collaboration

LYON, France – Cooperation between Ecuador and INTERPOL’s global law enforcement network topped the agenda during a meeting today between the Deputy Minister of Interior of Ecuador, Javier Felipe Córdoba Unda and INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble.

The visit by the Ecuadorian delegation to INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters covered a range of issues relating to regional and international cooperation, including between the National Central Bureau (NCB) in Quito and the General Secretariat of INTERPOL.

Discussions during the productive meeting focused on ongoing cases submitted by NCB Quito, resulting in a commitment by both Ecuadorean and INTERPOL officials to continue working in close cooperation.

Mr Noble noted the significant exchange of information between Ecuador and the General Secretariat of INTERPOL and the successes achieved via the considerable efforts of NCB Quito both regionally and internationally since joining the Organization in 1962.