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05 June 2013

Celebrating World Environment Day – INTERPOL calls for greater international cooperation on environment security

LYON, France – Celebrated around the globe every 5 June, World Environment Day serves as a reminder to take positive action to preserve and protect the world’s environment, biodiversity and natural resources from the damage caused by degradation, misuse, exploitation and crime.

Recognizing that a majority of international security issues are linked in one way or another to the environment, World Environment Day is an opportunity for INTERPOL and the global law enforcement community to highlight the ways in which we are working to address environmental crime worldwide.

To enhance this collaboration, INTERPOL and UNEP will jointly host an International Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Conference on 6 November 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya. Bringing together senior experts from the global environmental law enforcement community, the meeting aims to address existing and emerging issues of concern.

“We must not dwell on the successes of the past, but also look towards the future. It is only by redoubling our efforts, with greater cooperation among national authorities, international organizations and all partners, that our fight against the increasingly sophisticated criminal networks which exploit our environment will have a widespread international impact,” said David Higgins, Head of INTERPOL’s  Environmental Crime Programme.

INTERPOL’s Environmental Crime Programme is dedicated to assisting its 190 member countries in the effective enforcement of environmental laws and treaties, with particular focus on fisheries, forestry, pollution and wildlife crimes.

The Programme actively encourages law enforcement, national authorities, international organizations and the private sector to collaborate to protect the environment from criminals wishing to exploit it.