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15 March 2012

Meeting between Head of Philippine National Police and INTERPOL Chief underlines enhanced cooperation

LYON, France ‒ The Director General of the Philippine National Police (PNP), Nicanor Bartolome, has met with INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble to discuss increased cooperation between the country and the world police body in combating a range of transnational crimes.

Mr Bartolome, who is also Head of INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau in Manila, updated the INTERPOL Chief on plans to expand access to INTERPOL’s secure global police communications system I-24/7 to the newly-established office for counter-terrorism at the PNP and to frontline officers across the country.

Discussions also included the recent participation of the Philippines in Operation Infra-SEA (International Fugitive Round-Up and Arrest – South East Asia), launched from INTERPOL’s Liaison Office in Bangkok, Thailand which focused on information relating to 60 suspects from 21 countries wanted in connection with child sex offences.

“Cooperation with INTERPOL is a priority area for police in the Philippines. My meeting with Secretary General Noble provided an important opportunity to reaffirm the need for international cooperation with INTERPOL, and to identify areas such as terrorism, counterfeit medicines and fugitive investigation where we can collaborate even more closely,” said Philippine National Police Chief Nicanor Bartolome.

"International law enforcement collaboration between INTERPOL and the Phillipines is vital for the country, the region and beyond. A global collaborative approach to security involving countries sharing intelligence and maximizing the use of INTERPOL's global police tools is today key to effectively protecting citizens," added Secretary General Noble.

In this respect, Mr Noble said INTERPOL  strongly supported plans by the Philippine authorities to expand  INTERPOL’s tools  and services to the Philippine National Police. 

With INTERPOL having sent a Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) team to Cebu in 2008 in the wake of a ferry disaster which left 800 dead, Secretary General Noble outlined how the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) will have a dedicated DVI platform to better assist Asian countries requesting assistance following disasters or acts of terrorism. The IGCI is due to open in Singapore in 2014.