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27 February 2012

Armed robbery at Ancient Olympia Museum in Greece

Police are appealing for assistance to locate more than 70 items stolen during an armed robbery at the Museum of History of the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia, Greece on Friday 17 February.

Two masked men threatened the female guard before tying her up and escaping with the antiquities.

Among the stolen artifacts, which date back to the Classical, Hellenistic and Byzantine periods, were a seal ring, several statues representing Olympic scenes, a lekythos or oil jar, as well as several oil lamps.

All items reported as stolen by the Greek authorities have been inserted into INTERPOL’s Works of Art database, which is publicly  accessible via a secure connection.

Anyone with information about the theft or whereabouts of the stolen items is asked to contact the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Athens (Ref. 3010/2/352-180314/10) and the  INTERPOL General Secretariat (Ref. 2012/11411).