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14 September 2011 - Media release

Innovation will be focus of planned extension of INTERPOL's global reach to Singapore

The importance of Lyon remaining the permanent INTERPOL Headquarters reinforced by Secretary General

LYON, France - Signing off on the final design for the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation which will complement its General Secretariat headquarters in France, the head of the world police body said that this marked an important step in the growth of INTERPOL - a process begun in Lyon more than 10 years ago.

INTERPOL has given Singapore the go-ahead to begin construction on the new Global Complex for Innovation as part of the world police organization’s growth and evolution.

Providing cutting-edge research and development facilities for the identification of crimes and criminals, innovative training and operational support to serve all 188 member countries, INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble said the state-of-the-art building would be ‘a physical representation of our vision and determination to tackle virtual criminality around the world.’

“The Global Complex for Innovation is the latest expansion of INTERPOL which in the last decade has seen new offices opening around the world in Buenos Aires, New York, Brussels, El Salvador, Zimbabwe and Cameroon, and will provide us as an international organization with a strong footprint in Asia,” said Secretary General Noble.

“It is essential to the future of our Organization and the future of international policing that we have a strong presence in all regions, to ensure we provide the best possible support to our member countries. This is why the creation of the Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore was unanimously endorsed at the INTERPOL General Assembly by all 188 member countries from every region - Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe.

“In this week when people around the world are looking back to the events of 9/11 ten years ago, when we at INTERPOL do the same, the achievements we have made while based in Lyon have been extremely impressive and bode well for the future of our General Secretariat headquarters and our new Global Complex for Innovation.

“There will be those who will try to construe INTERPOL’s expansion to Singapore as a move away from Lyon. In fact, it will make INTERPOL stronger in Lyon and around the world. Reports of 200 staff being transferred from Lyon to Singapore are false," added INTERPOL's chief.

“Our strength as an organization over the last 10 years here in Lyon has been made possible by the dedication of our staff from 80 or so member countries and our INTERPOL National Central Bureaus around the world and thanks to the strong support we have received from the French authorities, both at the national and local levels,” said Secretary General Noble.

"In particular, our enviable position and growth in Lyon have been made possible through the strong personal commitment of France's President, Nicolas Sarkozy, since his time as Minister of Interior and by the constant efforts of Gérard Collomb, Mayor of Lyon and Senator, and his predecessor and former Prime Minister Raymond Barre."

For example, in the last decade, the number of staff in Lyon has grown from just 357 to nearly 600, since 2000 more than 26,000 people from around the world have attended some 820 meetings organized at INTERPOL's General Secretariat headquarters here in Lyon and during the same time, INTERPOL’s budget has more than doubled, from EUR 25 million to EUR 63 million.

“While the Global Complex in Singapore opens a new chapter in INTERPOL’s history, the book itself will continue to be written in Lyon,” concluded the head of INTERPOL.