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17 December 2010 - Media release

Slovenian police chief's visit to INTERPOL highlights country's leadership in global police co-operation

LYON, France – Slovenia’s integration of INTERPOL’s database system into its national police structure is a model for law enforcement worldwide, the head of INTERPOL told the Director General of the Police of Slovenia, Mr Janko Gorsek, during his visit to the world police body’s General Secretariat headquarters on Thursday.

Since streamlining access to INTERPOL’s network with national and regional policing structures in April 2009, Slovenia has seen a significant increase in the number of hits generated through consultations against databases including wanted persons, Stolen and Lost Travel Documents, and stolen motor vehicles, and is now ranked amongst the top 10 of INTERPOL’s 188 member countries in searches carried out.

“Slovenia has long supported using an international approach in the fight against crime, and of working with key international partners such as INTERPOL in the pursuit of common security goals common to all relevant forums of the European Union,” said Mr Gorsek.

“In this respect, the integration of INTERPOL's databases into the Slovenian police network has emphasized the high priority of the government to protect borders and citizens from terrorists and other criminals, and sent a strong message to the global criminal community that the chances of being identified and arrested in Slovenia are significant,” added the Slovenian Police Chief.

INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble commended ‘the positive results achieved by the strong co-operation between Slovenia and INTERPOL’.

"Making critical information available to frontline police officers nationally makes it significantly more difficult for criminals to evade justice and makes all of our borders safer,” said Mr Noble.

“When it granted law enforcement officers on the street access to INTERPOL’s databases, Slovenia boosted its national security and increased the security of each of its citizens and visitors, and of the wider region,” added the INTERPOL chief as he congratulated the Slovenian police chief for his country’s commitment to international police co-operation.

During its European Union Presidency in the first half of 2008, Slovenia was the first country to organize and institute high-level joint meetings between the EU Council and INTERPOL as part of the EU’s Stockholm Programme on the EU’s security architecture.

Mr Gorsek’s visit to INTERPOL coincided with a conference hosted by the world police body’s General Secretariat of the Southeast Europe Police Chiefs Association (SEPCA) to identify ways of strengthening co-operation to combat organized crime in the region through INTERPOL’s Project BESA. His delegation included Robert Furman, Advisor to the Police Director General, Dusan Kerin, Head of INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau in Ljubljana, and Bruno Blazina, Head of Slovenia’s Police Organized Crime Division.