Information for journalists

INTERPOL’s activities generate substantial media interest and requests for interviews and information. 

Background information 

In order to speed up enquiries, we encourage journalists to use this website for basic information on the Organization. Suggested resources include:

  • A series of fact sheets, giving an overview of the range of INTERPOL’s activities.
  • Recent speeches and comments by the Secretary General and other senior staff, which can be seen as official statements of INTERPOL policy.
  • Frequently Asked Questions which include some advice for journalists. 

Specific enquiries

If after using the website for background information, you have further questions or requests, please send an email to the INTERPOL press office.

Emails are generally dealt with as promptly as a telephone request. They enable press officers to provide INTERPOL’s specialist officers with written details and also help to avoid any misunderstanding about an enquiry. 

Journalists should be aware that police officers working at the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters have heavy workloads and are often on mission and therefore not immediately available to answer queries, nor are they authorized to comment on specific ongoing investigations in member countries.

Enquiries relating to country-specific investigations or issues should normally be directed to the national law enforcement agency in member countries.


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