Enhancing capacity to detect fraudulent travel documents via INTERPOL training

26 November 2019
Detecting fraudulent travel documents via new security solutions

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – The 6th Security Document Examination Training looked to develop the knowledge of 20 border control officers and forensic document examiners from the region in recognizing fraudulent documents in order to strengthen the region’s ability to detect criminals and terrorists at border control.

INTERPOL’s Counterfeit and Security Documents Branch (CCSD) jointly delivered the three-day (20 - 22 November) course in partnership with secured identification service provider SICPA.

The training enabled regional experts to examine the latest document security features.

The agenda also included recent document verification technologies and current examination techniques and printing methods.


“Only through the exchange of experiences and training can we strengthen the ability to identify an authentic document from one that is not. By collaborating, government agencies, the private sector and law enforcement authorities will achieve a better regional and international interagency cooperation against this crime,” said Luis Enrique Pacheco Acevedo, the Head of the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Mexico.

Jean-Yves Ray of SICPA said, “In the framework of INTERPOL’s public-private partnership, we are very honoured to participate in this security document examination training. It is a unique opportunity for SICPA to exchange and share technical expertise with both police agencies and technology suppliers to shape the development of highly secure identity documents and border control processes, such as credentials-based digital identity.”

"The 6th CCSD-SICPA Security Document Examination Training focused on SICPA’s identity protection solutions such as protecting the identities of people via life time authentication techniques. Via its global network, INTERPOL provides the capabilities, services, reference materials and databases to all its 194 member countries against the counterfeiting of documents and identity related crimes,” said INTERPOL CCSD Coordinator Daniela Djidrovska.

Participants at the training course came from four INTERPOL member countries: Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.