INTERPOL and Banco do Brasil S/A sign cooperation agreement against cybercrime

18 May 2018

BRASILIA, Brazil – The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) in Brasilia and Banco do Brasil S/A have signed an agreement for cooperation and information sharing to tackle cybercrime.


This public-private partnership, which came into effect 7 May 2018, aims to establish a systematic exchange of data related to cyber threats so as to enhance cyber security activities undertaken by INTERPOL and its 192 member countries.

As part of the agreement, Banco do Brasil S/A will second a representative to INTERPOL’s Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore to work alongside specialists from other technology and financial companies, as well as with INTERPOL officers on secondment from member countries.

During the agreement ceremony at NCB Brasilia, the President of Banco do Brasil S/A, Mr. Paulo Rogério Caffarelli, applauded the agreement, emphasizing how the bank  already works with the Brazilian Justice and Federal Police.   The signing of the agreement will now trigger the development of information technology solutions and strategic tools to prevent and fight cybercrime.

The General-Director of the Brazilian Federal Police, Mr. Rogério Galloro – who is also a Delegate for the Americas on INTERPOL’s Executive Committee – highlighted the importance of expanding and intensifying cooperation with Banco do Brasil S/A in the fight against cybercrime and in the development of new security technologies. Mr. Galloro pointed out that the agreement is an important step for Brazil towards expanding its activities on the international scene.

 The following officials also participated at the ceremony:

  • Silvana Helena Vieira Borges, Executive Director of the Brazilian Federal Police;
  • Tony Gean Barbosa de Castro, International Cooperation Coordinator of the Brazilian Federal Police;
  • Rodrigo Bartolamei, Head of the INTERPOL NCB in Brasilia;
  • José Eduardo Moreira Bergo, Institutional Security Director of Banco do Brasil S/A;
  • José Luiz Assoni Junior, Security Manager of Banco do Brasil S/A.

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