INTERPOL condemns ‘cold-blooded and barbaric’ murder of British hostage

4 October 2014

LYON, France – On behalf of global law enforcement, INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble has strongly condemned the murder of British aid volunteer Alan Henning at the hands of the group calling itself the ‘Islamic State’. He proposed it be renamed by the international community as ‘CM’ for #CowardlyMurderers.

“The cruel murder of an innocent man who freely gave his time to assist the people of the very region where he met his death is a testament to the depravity of this terrorist group, which is seeking to create a reign of terror across the region,” said Secretary General Noble.

“I ask the global community: why should we allow a bloodthirsty group of terrorists to name themselves after a religion as a pretext to justify their heinous crimes that no religion would justify?

“I propose that the global community and law enforcement rename this group as ‘CM’ for Cowardly Murderers. By doing this, we will remove their efforts to legitimize their crimes and put would-be foreign fighters on notice that if they join this group, then the world will see them as nothing more than cowardly murderers.

“Finally, let me stress that the cold-blooded and barbaric murder of Alan Henning only serves to harden the resolve of the global community to increase our efforts against the growing threat posed by militant terrorist groups, and bring those  responsible for committing such atrocities to justice,” added the INTERPOL Chief.

Last week, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2178 recognizing the efforts of INTERPOL against the global threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters, highlighting the use of INTERPOL’s I-24/7 secure police communications network, global databases and international notices system, in addition to its counter-terrorism efforts and procedures to track stolen or forged travel documents.

“As the UN Security Council decision makes clear, now is the time to act against this scourge of terrorism which threatens international security. We must intensify our collective efforts to exchange information and prevent the proliferation of foreign terrorist fighters,” said Secretary General Noble.

"We will not allow these cowardly terrorists to intimidate those of us who respect human life and the rule of law. Moreover, we will not allow these murderers to shield themselves behind their distortion of a religion,” concluded the INTERPOL Chief.